10 Tasks Event Planners Should Be Delegating to Others

You want your event to be perfect. You know that there’s one person you can trust to get it done right every time - yourself.

While this mentality can be useful sometimes, it can cause you being burnt out and exhausted long before your event arrives. 

Check out these event planning aspects that you can (and should) delegate to others on your team. 



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#1 Social media management

Have a millennial on your team who loves Instagram? Interns? volunteers?


Put them in charge of promoting your event on your chosen platforms. Give them an ad budget or let them communicate organically on the platform. 


#2 Venue research

You have a few venues in mind, but you haven’t made a final decision yet.

It’s the perfect time to save yourself the time and send someone out to take some pictures and get a feel for the spaces.

Meet with them when their research is done and make one visit to the venue that seems like the best fit to confirm that it’s perfect for your event.


#3 Volunteer hiring, schedules and management 

As an event planner, you know what a pain it is to coordinate volunteers.

Have someone on your staff set up a Google doc for volunteer sign up and ask them to set up pre-event meetings for your volunteers.

Attend the meetings, make sure your team knows what to do, and move forward with planning.


#4 Finding your event registration & management software

Give a tech-savvy staff member the job of finding and managing your event registration software.



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#5 Researching local vendors

Just like venue research, vendor research can be taken on by your team.

Give them a few to choose from, have them do the research, and check-in with you before making the final call. 


#6 Event setup and details 

You’ll be present for event setup, but you don’t have to coordinate every detail.

Provide your staff with an outline of what goes where and check in once every few hours to make sure things are moving in the right direction.


#7 Day of event registration and controlling the gate

When the event day finally arrives, you don’t need to be stuck behind the registration table.

Train staff and volunteers in advance to work registration so you can take care of your guests.



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#8 Day of coordinator and program director  

During your event program, have a staff member in charge of coordination.

They’ll take care of timing, direction, etc. so you can focus on more pressing matters. This is the point person for volunteers and paid staff if they run into an issue.

This person should shadow you throughout the planning process so that they understand the event schedule and can handle problems on their own the day-of the event. 


#9 Vendor payouts 

Get checks printed for vendor payments in advance, and assign someone on your staff to ensure each vendor gets proper payment before or at the end of the event.


#10 Event clean up and tear down crew

After your event, you’re spent - leave the clean up to someone else. Leave your cell number in case there’s a concern, but otherwise, kick back and reflect on a job well done.

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