One-on-one Client Support Reps

Having 24/7/365 telephone support is great, but having one-on-one support with specific people that truly know your company inside and out is even better. Luckily we offer both! You will be assigned to a direct support rep that will learn your events, understand your needs, and always be available to you to help answer questions, setup events, or anything else you may need.

Onsite Support

We offer highly-skilled onsite support staff to help setup gear, train staff, run the box office, scan tickets, or just to be there so you have a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that everything is going to run beautifully.

Extensive Training & Onboarding

We will not forget about you once you sign up – That is actually where the love begins! Getting started with a new event ticketing software system can feel like a scary endeavor and we know that. This is why your dedicated support rep will help walk you through everything, train you on all aspects of the service, and answer any questions you have. We can even do remote-support session where we will take control your computer and show you how to do everything on your own computer.

If you have your own hardware or if you rent/lease/purchase gear from us, we will even remotely connect to all of your computers to install and configure everything so you are ready to start selling without any stress.


Everyone is unique and finding a ticketing platform that will do every little thing you need may be impossible to find.

We’ve tried our best to build out a very extensive solution and for 99% of our clients, we do more than they could ever imagine using. However, should you have a unique need or challenge that has proven difficult to find a solution for, let us know. The majority of our updates come from the direct feedback of our clients. We listen to your needs and work with you to either find a solution or develop new features to help solve your problems. The way we look at it is if you are having a challenge and need a good solution for it, there are probably many other event organizers that are having the same problem. We do not just give you what we have, we will give you what you need.


Your job is to organize amazing events!

Our job is to support you in every way possible

This includes providing 24/7/365 telephone support for you and your guests that is live and US-Based.. We are always here to answer questions about your event, help your guests pick out seats, place orders online, or even recommend a great place to have dinner before the show.

You also have the ability to pass on messages to our support staff on a per-event basis. Let’s say the forecast for today is calling for rain and your guests are worried if the event is still going to happen. You can easily add a note for that event that will be displayed to our support staff if your guests call in asking us what is going on with the weather.