Define “Doors open” time

Do you start letting your guests into your event early before the show starts? Clearly pass this information onto your customers so they know when they can arrive to get the best seat in the house.

Create Hidden Events

You have the ability to hide events from appearing on the Purplepass site or being visible to search engines. This is useful if you are doing a private invite-only event or if you are just not ready to publish your event to the world while you fine-tune it.

Require Password

Create a password for your event that guests will need to enter before purchasing tickets. This allows for exclusive events that are invite-only and require a password.

Event descriptions

Create detailed descriptions of your event including custom font sizes, colors, font styles, full formatting with alignment, justification, paragraphs and tabs. Add your own images as well inline in your description to deck it out exactly as you want.

Indicate “Not allowed”

The special “Not allowed” section allows you to clearly convey what items are not allowed in your event. We all know it, people tend not to read everything. So this is a great way to make sure they clearly see what they are not allowed to bring or do at your event.

Full timezone support

Support for all time zones across the world so do not worry if you live in Tokyo and want to do an event in New York City – everything will run on schedule every time.

Control When Online Sale Starts and Ends
Ability to set custom start/end sale times for individual ticket types

You can customize when particulate ticket types are available for sale. For example, let’s say you wanted to offer special early bird pricing only for the first week of ticket sales, you can set the early bird to automatically stop selling after 7 days have elapsed.

Ticketing Options
General Admission

This ticket option allows you to sell tickets to an event where seats aren’t assigned. The guest simply buys a ticket, enters the event, and has a great time! With General Admission events, you can still sell different price points and sections such as GA, VIP, Front-of-line access, etc.

Assigned Seating

Assigned seating events have an interactive seating map where guests can choose their exact seat at the event. Our seating system can be used for various other things such as selling whole tables, booths for conferences, and even camping spots for outdoor festivals and parks.

Hybrid with both GA and assigned seating

Our powerful assigned seating system allows for events that sell a combination of assigned seating and general admission. For example, you can choose to sell the section closest to the stage as assigned seating and then the back of the venue on a first-come-first-serve general admission basis.

Multiple Ticket Types

You can create as many ticket options as you with – There is no limit. Create general admission, adult tickets, children tickets, military discounts, VIP tickets, early admission, parking, packages, season passes…you name it!

Inventory Management

Full control over how many tickets you have to sell. If you have a limited number of VIP tickets to sell or if your venue has a limited total capacity, enter all the info into Purplepass and the system will automatically control sales to ensure you do not oversell your event.

Advanced Pricing Rules

With advanced pricing rules, you can auto-trigger price changes based on the number of tickets sold or a specified date, whichever comes first. For example, let’s say you want to start selling tickets at $25 until the first 100 sell or until the 1st of next month. The system will automatically update all of your prices for you. A common use of this feature is to sell discounted tickets prior to the event and then on the day of the event, automatically increase the price for online and door sales.

Ability to Control Who Pays the Fees

(Customer, Absorbed, Or Split)

You have complete control over who pays for what. By default the customers will pay all fees, but you can choose to fully absorb fees or even split it up and let the customer pay a portion and you pay the rest.

Custom Facility Fees and Tax Rates
by Ticket Option

You can set custom fees and taxes on a per-item basis. For example, you can sell admission tickets without sales tax but for your merchandise, add the appropriate sales tax.

Set Min and Max For # of Tickets

That Can Be Purchased By A Customer

The ability to set a minimum and maximum number of tickets a single customer can buy serves several purposes. The minimum requirement can be set if you are offering a group discount when buying at least 10 tickets. You can use the maximum to limit the number of tickets a customer can buy for high-demand tickets or just to limit the tickets available to someone in order to avoid scalping.

Custom Status for
Individual Ticket Types
On Sale

This makes the ticket live and available for purchase

Sold out

This will mark the ticket option as sold out


This will allow you to create ticket types and hide them from the public. This is great for when you want to sell tickets in the box office but not online or if you want to create special tickets that are only available as part of a package.

Disabled with custom message

You can disable a ticket type with a special message. A great example of this is to disable a ticket once it’s sold out and include a message telling customers that tickets are still available at the door or that the can be added to a wait-list

Automatically Indicate That Tickets Are Available At the Door If Tickets Remain After Online Sales End

When you enable this feature, the system will automatically indicate to the customer that tickets are still available for purchase at the event if online sale ended but not all of the tickets were sold.

Ability to restrict delivery based on ticket type

(e.g. Print-at-Home for GA, will call only for merchandise package)

The ability to restrict delivery based on the ticket type is indispensible when doing things like VIP packages or selling merchandise. For example, if you are doing a VIP package which includes a signed poster, the guest will need to pick up the poster at the event. You can sell GA tickets as print-at-home but the VIP package will restricted to will call only so all VIP guests will need to check in at the door and pick up their poster.

Show Remaining Tickets to Instill Urgency as Tickets are Selling Out

Sometimes letting guests know how many tickets are left will help them to realize they need to buy ASAP if the tickets are about to sell out.

Non-inventory items

This feature allows you to sell special items that should not count towards your venue’s total capacity.  A great example of this would be if you are selling merchandise or VIP upgrades for customers that already purchased GA tickets.  If someone buys a GA ticket and a t-shirt, the GA ticket will count towards the available venue capacity but the t-shirt will not.

Ability to fully hide fees

If you are choosing to absorb all fees or if the event is free and no fees are being charged, sometimes it’s nice to completely hide any reference to fees. This is particularly useful for Volunteer registration or other things where any reference to fees is not only unnecessary, but possibly confusing to the guest.

Ability to Define Color of Thermal Tickets to Use (7 Colors) for Shipped Tickets

Since we print and ship tickets in-house, you can define which color ticket stock we should use for a particular ticket type when a customer chooses to have tickets printed and shipped to them. We currently offer thermal ticket stock in 7 different colors, allowing you to use different colored tickets for different price points (e.g. GA will be blue and VIP will be red).

Facility fees

If your venue requires a per-head facility fee or if you just want to add a little something on top, you can choose to add a facility fee which will be added to the total fees paid by the customer. You even have the option to show the facility fee separately or combine it into the Purplepass service fee. All facility fees go directly to you.


If you are in an area that requires you to charge sales tax on event tickets, or if you are selling merchandise or other taxable items, you have the ability to identify the tax rate and have the system add this as a separate fee when checking out.

Coupon Codes
  • Single codes
  • Auto-generate code
  • Mass upload codes
  • Coupon lists
  • Fixed $ discount/ticket
  • Fixed $ discount/trans
  • % discount
  • Combo deals
  • Tracking only codes
  • Stack multiple codes
  • Restrict the # of times
  • Define tickets valid for
  • Set start & end times
  • Auto-trigger codes
Single Codes

Single codes are discount/coupon codes that you create one by one – There is no limit on how many codes you can create.

Auto-Generate Code

Have the system automatically generate the discount/coupon codes for you. You can control exactly how the codes will look by choosing how many characters, any predefined characters (e.g. “Save” in “SaveXXXXXX”) and if the codes should include lower case, upper case, and/or numbers.

Mass Upload Codes

If you already have a list of codes, you can batch upload them directly into your event as discount/coupon codes

Coupon Lists

You can create a list of codes which can be reused over and over as well as be attached to multiple events. A common use for this is if you have the same codes that you use for each event you organize. Rather than recreating all of your codes each time, you can simply create a list and attach this same list to all of your events.

  • Allow for one-time use codes across multiple events
    You have the option of allowing codes to be assigned to multiple events but are only usable one time. A great example of this is if you have a list of voucher codes that give someone a discount or even free tickets just one time to any of your events.  Since the same list is applied to all of your events, once the code is used one time on any event, it will no longer be usable for further events.


Fixed $ Discount Per Ticket

Save $5 off per ticket

Fixed $ Discount Per Transaction

Save $10 Off your entire order

% Discount

Save 10% on your entire order

Combo Deals

Buy 1 get 1 free
Buy 2 get 1 at 50% Off

 Tracking only codes for tracking sales

If you have other people promoting your event such as fighters for an MMA event or bands for a rock concert, you can issue tracking-only codes for each person. The codes will not provide any discount but can be used to track sales that came from them. This is a great way to manage a commission program for your affiliates and promoters.

Ability to stack multiple codes

You have the option of allowing certain codes to be stackable. What this means is multiple codes can be used at the same time. A great example of this would be if you offered voucher codes that are valid for free admission. A guest might be given 3 voucher codes valid for 3 free tickets. Rather than doing 3 separate orders, they can apply all 3 voucher codes at the same time and check out once.

Ability to restrict the number of times a code can be used

You can limit the number of times a code can be used. For example, you can restrict a code to only work 10 times. After it’s been used 10 times, it will no longer be valid for any future attempts.

Define how many tickets the code is valid for (min/max/exact)

You can define how many tickets the discount/coupon code will be valid for. An example would be a group discount code that is only valid if you purchase 10 or more tickets. Another example would be a $5 discount that is valid only up to 2 tickets. If the customer wanted to buy 3 tickets, they would receive the $5 discount for only 2 of the ticket and would have to pay full price for the 3rd ticket.

Set start and end times for code validity

You can define when the discount/coupon codes will be valid. Let’s say you are doing a special holiday discount where the codes will only be valid for the first week of December. You can pre-program the exact date and time the codes will become valid and when it will expire.

Ability to auto-trigger codes


The auto-trigger option allows a code to be automatically applied when the criteria is met. A perfect example of this is if you are doing a group discount where the customer received 5% off if they purchase at least 10 tickets or they will receive 10% discount if they purchase at least 20 tickets. You can create two codes, set the options (e.g. 5% off minimum 10 and then another code for 10% off minimum 20) and set them both to auto-trigger. If a guest adds 12 tickets to the cart, they will automatically get the 5% discount. If they add 25 tickets to the cart, they will automatically get the 10% discount. This makes group ticketing and other special offers incredibly simple.

Ability to Require A Coupon Code

To Purchase A Ticket Type

If you are offering special priced tickets but they are only accessible to guests with a special code, you can make these ticket types available and require a code in order to purchase.
Ability to define advanced code requirements such as the minimum, maximum, or the exact number of codes needed per ticket type or per ticket purchased.

Multiple Delivery Options
  • Print-At-Home
  • Digital Tickets On Phone
  • Will Call
  • Printed And Shipped

Digital ticket which they can print out or just show on their phone. These print-at-home tickets are customizable so you can add your own artwork, logos, and even add sponsors!

Digital Tickets On Phone

Allow your guests to save the paper and just use their phone. All of our smartphone apps and professional gear can scan directly off of cellphones, saving guests the time and hassle of not having to print out their tickets.

Will Call

The guest’s name will be added to a list which will be automatically generated and sent to you when the online presale ends. You can use this list to check guests off as they arrive. You can also access a real-time digital guest list through our smartphone apps, web-based box office, and professional gear.

Printed and Shipped

We can print and ship tickets directly to your customers! You can set the default text that will appear on all of the tickets on a per-ticket type basis as well as choose which of our 7 different ticket stock colors to use when printing the tickets.

Shipping options

  • First class
  • Priority
  • Express overnight
  • Event Icon
  • Event header
  • Event Page Background
  • Images/Flyers
  • Multimedia
Event Icon

Upload an image that will be used as the icon for the event throughout the buying process

Event Header

Customize the top of your event page with your own large banner image

Event Page Background

Customize the background of the event page on Purplepass with your own background artwork


Add as many additional images, flyers, photos, etc. to your event page


Add videos of the performers, promotional videos from past events, or anything else you’d like your guests to watch while checking out your event. You can even set a video to auto-start when your event page loads.  This is great if you have a YouTube video with music on it so your guests can enjoy some music while browsing your event.

  • Supported Multimedia
    • YouTube videos
    • Vimeo videos
    • SoundCloud music
Partner access
  • Unlimited
  • See/do Per-user Basis
  • Create on the Fly
  • 3rd Party Payouts
  • Limit Comp Access

You can grant access to your account to as many users as you wish

Control what they can see/do on a per-user basis

You have full control over exactly what the users can see and do, from setting view-only access to certain parts of the event to full view/edit privileges for every aspect of the event.

Create on the fly

Simply add the new user’s email address and a few basic details and the system will automatically create their login credentials and email them to the new user. This makes it very fast and easy to grant access to 3rd party people on the fly.

Designate 3rd party payouts

If you are only managing the event for someone else, you can create the event under your account but designate that the payment should be issued directly to the 3rd party. A great example of this would be if you are an event coordinator that is hired by other people to manage the event. You can create and manage all events for all of your clients under one account and have all payments issued directly to your client. You can also set it to use your client’s payment options such as using their own merchant account or even PayPal just for their event.

Limit COMP access

You can control whether or not your users have access to managing the guest list. If you do give access to the guest list, you can even control how many guests they can add. This is great if you want to give access to certain people to add their own COMP guests to the guest list but want to limit how many each one can add.

Custom Terms & Conditions

You can add your own custom terms and conditions that will be shown to your guests when they purchase tickets. A common use for this is to emphasize the fact that all sales are final, there are no refunds, and the event is rain or shine.

There is even an option to require the guest to check a box to acknowledge that they have read and agree to the terms you added.

Custom Personalized Messages
On the Receipt and Email Confirmation
Special Notes/Memos Passed Onto Our 24/7 Telephone Support Staff

Your customers will have 24/7/365 telephone customer support through Purplepass. They can call us anytime to ask questions about the event, need some help, or if they want to place an order over the phone. You have the ability to pass on notes directly to our support staff so when guests call, we know how to answer some of their questions.

For example, let’s say the venue’s parking lot is closed for repaving and many customers are calling asking where they should park. You can pass on a message to the support staff that the guests should park at the parking structure across the street instead. This allows our support staff to provide quick and accurate information to your guests.

Check out questionnaires

You can create custom questionnaires to survey your guests when they are purchasing tickets. This is a great way to gather demographic information or survey their experience; how they heard about the event or who they would like to see perform next time. You can create as many questions as you want.

  • Ask a question per order, per ticket type, or even per quantity of items order. For example, if you are selling t-shirts and the customer purchased 3, you can ask the color and size for each t-shirt.
  • You can make questions optional or required
  • You can restrict questions to certain ticket types
  • You can create a single answer, multiple answers, type in answers, paragraphs, date selector, and drop down questions.
  • Conditional questions can be added that will trigger another set of questions based on the answer to a previous question. For example, if you ask how they heard about the event and then list several answers, one of those answers can be “Other (Please explain)”. If they choose this answer, you can have a new question appear asking them to people type in where they heard about the event. These conditional questions will only appear if necessary based on the responses of previous questions.
Customize Verbiage

(e.g. Buy Tickets, Register Now, Volunteer here, etc).

Not all events are selling tickets. Sometimes you are registering for school, signing up volunteers, or buying parking. You can customize the verbiage of the buying experience to match exactly what you are selling.

Guest list

Our built-in guest list system is an absolute win with all of our event organizers.  You can electronically create and manage your guest list for your event.

If you are offering special priced tickets but they are only accessible to guests with a special code, you can make these ticket types available and require a code in order to purchase.
Ability to define advanced code requirements such as the minimum, maximum, or the exact number of codes needed per ticket type or per ticket purchased.

  • Free COMP
  • Bulk upload
  • Access to list
  • Email via Print-at-Home or call
  • Notes/memos
  • Deduct from inventory
    or not
Free COMP for staff, media, production, friends, family, promotion

Manage your COMPs electronically by adding them to the will call list or even emailing them a COMP print-at-home ticket. This allows your COMPs to have a ticket in hand and ready to go when they arrive at the event, tremendously simplifying the task of managing a guest list


Bulk upload

If you have a list of COMP guests that you need to add to your guest list or if you have a usual set of people you COMP for your event, easily mass upload them

Access to list

Download PDF
An alphabetized PDF list will be generated and automatically sent to you when online presale ends. You can also access this PDF anytime from within your account

Have the list emailed to you at any time

Have the list automatically faxed to you when online presale ends

Instant access to the PDF list so you can print it out anytime from any computer

Box Office
Access all of your guest list COMPs from within the box office to check them in

Smartphone and professional scanners have all guest list COMP data so you can look them up and check them in easily

Email via P@H or will call

If you want your guest to have a ticket in hand so they can skip the guest list line and just go directly to the entrance, you can issue them a print-at-home ticket electronically by email. You can also choose to add a guest as will call, which will require them to check in when they arrive. This is useful for people like photographers that may need to pick up their media badge before entering the event.

Notes/memos on entries

When adding people to your guest list, you can identify which company/organization they are from as well as some additional notes for your reference (e.g. Who they are or why you are COMPing them)

Choice to deduct from inventory or not when adding to guest list

If you have limited space at your event and are watching your inventory closely, you can choose whether or not someone’s guest list entry should be deducted from your available inventory to sell to the general public

Customized Email Templates

Fully customize the buying experience for your customers by implementing your own email template. You have full control right down to the CSS to truly create a custom email confirmation that suites your company’s branding needs.

Search Orders
  • Advanced Search
  • Download All Contact Info
  • View Order Details
  • Process Reservation Payments
  • Resend Confirmations
  • Void Tickets
  • Full or Partial Refunds
  • View Serial Numbers
  • Add Memos/notes on Orders
  • Reassign Assigned Seats
Advanced search options for complex inquiries

Perform complex searches that let you drill down and find the exact orders you are looking for. You have the ability to literally search by any data we have for the order. For example, performing a search of all VIP tickets sold online on June 1st that used discount code “Save5” where the customer chose will call can be done in a snap.

Download all contact info

They are your customers so it’s your data. You have full access to all contact information for your customers. Easily download all contact information into a spreadsheet that can be easily imported into your favorite email marketing system.

View order details

Easily find out who bought when by viewing and searching all orders in real-time. Order details include all aspects of the order including their contact info, what they bought, when they bought it, how they paid, if they used a discount code, their deliver method, etc.

Process reservation payments

For unpaid reservations, you have the ability to mark them as paid on the back end. An example of the reservation system would be a school that wants to allow parents to reserve tickets for an annual gala but pay by using their school account. You can allow parents to reserve their tickets, bill it to their school account, and then mark it as paid within Purplepass. This will validate the order and notify the customer their order is complete. You can process payments for reservations via credit card, cash, check, gift card, vouchers, or even just COMP the order.


mark as paid
Resend confirmations emails/tickets

Sometimes email confirmations just get lost in that mysterious worldwide web. Other times customers just happen to delete that important email with their tickets and have a panic attack. Being able to quickly find an order and resend the confirmation and tickets to your customers will not only make your customers happy but will also make you look like a superhero.

Void tickets

If you issued any COMPed tickets, you can instantly void them out so they are no longer for admission.

Full or partial refunds

Easily find orders and issue partial or full refunds. You can even add notes when processing a refund so you can keep track of who issued the refund and why.

View serial numbers and which tickets were used

See every serial number in an order quickly and even view whether or not if they have been used. This becomes very valuable if a customer is claiming they didn’t show up to your event and want a refund or are disputing the transaction. You can see when they arrived, what time they entered the event, and even which entrance they came through!

Add memos/notes on orders

Add notes and memos so you can keep track of any particulars for any order.

Reassign assigned seats

Let’s face it, customer change their minds all the time. If a customer contacts you asking to move to another row so they can sit next to their friends that just bought tickets, you can quickly find their order, view where they are currently seated on the map, and move them over to the new seats. The system will update their order and even send them an email confirmation with their new seat assignments. Of course we provide 24/7/365 telephone support to help your guests with this. However, being able to do this yourself through your login interface is a handy feature to have.

Ticket Transferring

Let’s face it – Plans change and dealing with a guest’s requests to change their tickets is something you will likely have to handle. You can easily transfer your guests to different ticket options from within the same event (e.g. Transfer Friday tickets to Saturday tickets) or move them to an entirely new event. Once the tickets are transferred, the system will generate new tickets and send an updated confirmation to your guest with the updated information.


Promoter-Fulfilled Shipping

If you have tickets or merchandise that you would like to ship yourself, Purplepass provides you with full promoter-fulfilled shipping options. When an order is placed that requires shipping, you will be able to see all pending orders within your account. Once you package up the order and ship it out, you can mark it as shipped so the customer knows their package is on the way. When doing your own shipping fulfillment, all shipping fees are sent directly to you to cover the costs of shipping.