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Harry Boyd Presents, "The Good, Bad & The Mad"
Thursday, March 9th at 6:30pm AZ Time
Online sale ends: 03/08/23 at 11:59pm AZ Time
Multipurpose Room
4369 E Village Parkway
Gilbert, AZ 85298
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The history books don't tell everything about these fascinating, notoriously naughty individuals. They were saints and sinners, visionaries and villains, angels and assassins. Some rose to fame and fortune and led the country to

greatness. Others lurked in the shadows, quietly orchestrating chaos and madness. All of them made history in profound, sometimes shocking ways.  Marie Laveau - Nat Turner - "Stonewall" Jackson - Huey Long - George Armstrong Custer - Jane Addams - Jay Gould - Marcus Garvey - James McGready - Madam Blavatsky - Isadore Duncan - "Wrong Way" Corrigan - Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Ambrose Bierce - Col. William Simmons - Wovoko - Hetty Green - Lizzie Borden - P.T. Barnum - Cotton Mather - Edgar Cayce - Ignatius Loyola Donnelly - and MORE!

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6:30pm to 8:30pm
Doors open at 6:00pm

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Multipurpose Room<br> 4369 E Village Parkway<br> Gilbert, 85298



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