Understanding Geomarketing And How To Use It

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, companies that wish to continue to thrive must incorporate the latest, most effective marketing tools available to them. One effective tool is geomarketing, a strategy which relies on using geolocation, or a mobile phone’s location feature to present relative information for their area.

Using this option will increase interest in your brand and encourage people to use your app while on the go throughout the day or most likely select your company when doing an internet search.


Targeting The Mobile Audience

busy people on mobile phones and laptop

According to statistics, over half of the world’s population today is smartphone users. That means that there is a huge audience just waiting to discover useful apps that use geolocation to optimize their experience.

This is especially helpful for brands who want to get the word out about their services and the benefits users can get from interacting with the app. If you want to increase brand awareness around your location, don’t lose out on this potentially game changing tool.


Making The User Experience More Convenient

Using geolocation services allows users to have the best experience in relation to their current area on both their mobile device and online. It offers greater convenience and a specialized approach to your target audience within a given perimeter.

geofencing graphic

You can use both geotargeting, which directs certain marketing information to people in a location, such as a city, state, or country, or you can also use geofencing, which provides certain offers and benefits to people located within a certain perimeter.

Both strategies are highly effective and help increase visibility and interest by making participation appealing to certain audiences.


Improve Local Positioning

Just like local SEO strategies, using geomarketing is proven to improve search positioning in the local market. You not only benefit by creating convenience and interest with an app that optimizes the user experience, but you also improve your search engine positioning for web users.

It’s a win-win situation and a must-have marketing strategy to help you effectively compete on a large or small scale. To get a better idea on how to create a content strategy, click here! 


Know Where To Target Geomarketing Efforts

Discover where your geomarketing efforts will be the most effective and zero in on that audience. To discover what areas will be worth your time, you can use the filters on Google Analytics or other digital marketing dashboard available for your use.

Frequently check analytics as your brand grows to more effectively use geomarketing to your advantage.


geomarketing google analytics report with pie graph


Don’t wait to begin using geomarketing for your brand. It is a highly effective way to interact with your target audience and gain more interest in your product or service. For more helpful marketing tips and information, subscribe below.

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