Family and Group Tickets: Why You Should Offer Them at Your Next Event

Managing tickets for an event can quickly become an entire job of its own if you are unprepared or if you are unsure of how to handle ticket sales and promotion.

Using different tickets for families and groups can help to streamline the ticket-selling process while encouraging more people to attend your events. With Purplepass, creating different tickets for families and groups can be done with just a few clicks.

Reasons to Create Different Ticket Types

Whether you are hosting a local street fair, a cheerleading competition, or even a sporting event tournament for your school, there are many reasons to create different ticket types, such as:

  • Appeal to a wider audience: You appeal to a wider audience when you offer group discounts, student discounts, or even package deals. With more flexibility comes more appeal. You can also offer season passes or different ticket types based on age or occupation (such as a veteran or those who work in the medical industry).

  • Motivate guests to attend: Use different ticket types to incentivize those who are interested in your event to attend. The more options an individual has when purchasing a ticket (virtually or for an in-person event), the more likely they are to stick to their decision to commit to the event itself.

  • Reach mobile and web users: When you use a ticket registration management platform such as Purplepass, it is much easier to appeal to audiences who may be interested in purchasing a ticket with their mobile smartphone or online.

  • Manage your ticket sales much easier: Using a platform such as Purplepass can help to save time while optimizing managing ticket types, ticket prices, as well as the overall quantity of tickets you have available. Using a ticketing solution removes the hassle of selling and managing tickets on your own, while facilitating handling user and payment information without requiring additional security or programming experts to ensure that the job is done right.


Benefits of Family Ticketing

Whenever planning an event that involves families, offering family ticketing solutions is one way to encourage attendance and increase overall ticket sales.

registration-pass-for-familyOffering family ticketing options is extremely inclusive and can motivate families to attend with an included discount or an offer to provide access to the event free for any children that are also attending. Using family ticketing is also a better way for families to streamline the purchasing process of buying the tickets they require for their next event.

Family ticketing may be a suitable solution for the following events:

  • Graduation ceremonies and gatherings

  • Award ceremonies for schools and/or universities

  • Theater productions/plays

  • Sporting events and sporting tournaments

  • Cheerleading events and tournaments

  • Trivia/Academic competitions and tournaments

  • Local fairs and art events


Advantages of Group Ticketing

Using group ticketing is another option when you have a ticketing solution such as Purplepass in place.

With group ticketing, you have the option to offer tickets for a steep discount or in bulk, depending on how many tickets an individual needs for an upcoming event.


When offering group ticketing packages, you can also choose to offer users a sale, such as buying 5 tickets will result in a 6th free ticket. Or a simple price reduction or the buying-in-bulk pricing model. 

Event types where you would benefit from selling group tickets: 

  • School events (theater productions/plays), award ceremonies, graduation celebrations

  • Sporting events, competitions, and tournaments

  • Multi-day events (such as street fairs and marketing or networking conferences)

  • Special occasion gatherings or conferences that are targeted toward a specific demographic or audience

  • Concerts or performances


Ticketing for Long-Distance Families

Another ticket type to consider when planning or coordinating an event includes distance ticketing. Distance ticketing is suitable for events that may be streamed live or those that are operating with a hybrid model (including both in-person events and the ability to recap the event online or with the use of video media).

Distance ticketing options can be useful for those who cannot attend an event in person but would like to do so using an alternative method, such as live-streaming.


Distance ticketing solutions are ideal for families who may live far away from an event that is being held, as well as specific groups or demographics, such as military veterans, seniors, and students who cannot make it to an event in person.

Besides encouraging attendance to your events with distance and group ticketing solutions, you will also create an entirely new stream of revenue from those who are looking to attend in a large group and those who are interested in the live stream or hybrid option for your event.



Creating group packages in Purplepass

1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard

2. Select the event you want to add the pass to or create a new one by selecting "Create New Event"

3. Once on the editing page, scroll down to the option labeled "Ticket Pricing and Options"

4. When creating the ticket type, select "Package/Group" in the dropdown

package-type5. Once selected, fill in the remaining information 

creating-a-group-ticket-type6. Scroll down and update the changes to save that ticket type

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