3 Major Event Planning Mistakes Made By Beginners

As an event organizer, you need to take care of all the details from tiny to major. But still, it's not always possible to check everything off before the big day.

Instead, focus on what you can do. Start by understanding these most common mistakes and how to avoid them while planning.



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#1 Not communicating effectively 

Communication links us all in a chain and is the building blocks to running an efficient team.

But most inexperienced event handlers fail to acknowledge the importance of good communication during their planning process or underestimate it entirely. They also ignore all the great communication tools online for teams.

Lack of communication leads to misinformation which further results in significant issues. 

a picture of flock chat and a sample of team message in chat
For example, suppose all of a sudden you realize that you forgot to confirm the venue for the reservation and you text your teammate to get it done. And somehow, your staff doesn't go through your messages on the same day for any XYZ reason.

On the other side, the venue owner reserves the place for a different event on the same dates.

Consequently, you end up getting deprived of the chosen location because of a lack of effective communication. 

Avoid this.

Remember, for the success of your planning, it is of utmost importance that you properly communicate with the team members and commodities suppliers.


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#2 Not choosing an accessible venue or right transportation

Many new event planners turn to unique locations for their first event aiming for a memorable experience.

Yes, by opting for the unusual and new, you can definitely make an impression.

But, it is still necessary that the chosen place remains accessible and easy to find. Enter its address on a GPS and visit it physically before making your decision.

Nobody likes to spend hours on a drive just to attend your event or navigate a complicated route unless you are offering something really captivating. 

an outdoor venue for the eventsApart from the location, you also must think of transportation and how guests will get there. 

There is a reason people search "events near me" and not "events far away from me".

The reason is - they want to visit an easily accessible event. So, it is essential to note whether all transport requirements are met or not.

Always try to choose a location that is comfortably reachable via both public and personal transportation. Available parking is also important. 



#3 Not choosing an explicit theme and staff

Whether it is a DJ night, pool party, or an educational seminar, the event must be organized around a clear theme.

The theme of the event offers guests the feeling that they will either learn from new things or live a totally new experience.

This greatly impacts the participation ratio.

When creating your theme, keep your target market and demographics in mind. What would they like or are popular themes for their age group?

an event venue with the theme Choosing the right theme is not enough; you also must think of the staff.

On the day of the event, there will be many participants. So, make sure that you have a sufficient amount of management staff on them.

Remember, people will only be attracted to your event if they feel important and wanted and that is exactly the job of the exhibition staff. If your guests feel valued, then definitely they will love to attend all the future events. 


Bonus Tip:

Offer some souvenirs to your attendees! Keychains, tote bags, stickers, branded merchandise, etc. This is an excellent marketing strategy that serves you as a gift that keeps on giving. 



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Author: Daisy Bell 

Daisy Bell is a young, passionate teen with a passion of event management and planning.  Daisy holds expertise in  managing music, theater and comedy events. She has a keen interest in sharing her event planning ideas.


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