Selling tickets online? Here's how you start


Anyone can have an event, it’s getting people to show up that is the trick. Selling tickets online sounds easy, but if you don’t know the basics steps of doing so it can turn into a strenuous task. Follow the simple steps below to guide you through selling tickets online and getting results.

 purplepass 5 steps on how to sell tickets online



Step 1: Event Website

To start out selling tickets, you will need a platform to sell them from and promote to your buyers. This is the base of your event online. Most event registrations provide a platform on their website for your event page and a place to sell your event tickets. WordPress is another great tool with different package options and services to help you create the best event website for your guests to use.

However, the best way to do this step is to use a ticketing platform that gives you a website ready to go with payment processing plants, live states, customization options and reporting all in one package deal.


Step 2: Add a Description

Your description is the main selling point of your event. Here you need to provide the who, what, when, where and why of your event as well as pictures and videos to excite your future audience. You already succeeded by getting them to your event page, it’s convincing them that will seal the deal.


Step 3: Creating a Payment Plan

By choosing a ticket platform, which I recommend, they will provide different payment plans that work for you. Credit card payments, checks, direct deposit, PayPal it’s up to you and what they offer, but there is usually plenty of options to choose from. Ticket platforms come with credit card processing fees so research all the offers out there to find the best pricing options.


Step 4: Promote Your Event

Promoting your event is half the fun, but half the battle of building a guest list. Purplepass Ticketing’s blog provides a variety of articles and guides to help walk you through this next step to ensure positive results. Here are some useful blogs by Purplepass:

7 Ways to Use Facebook to Promote Your Event 

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Here are helpful tips to remember when promoting your event:


Think Differently

Why should people attend your event? What makes you distinct from the rest?

Find something about your event that will set you apart from others, whether it’s a unique theme, memorable activities or giveaways. Understand why should people be coming to your event, be creative, catch their attention and stand out from the rest.


Think Ahead

Thinking ahead is important for event planning. Planning for the worst, establishing a plan B, C, and D will make you prepared during your event for all disasters. Talking to vendors, special guests, venues, catering all ahead of time will save you time and stress in the long run.


Think Smart

All ideas you have might not be realistic, within budget or within reason. Understand your target audience and who is buying your tickets, consider demographics, and who isn’t buying your tickets. Know your market, know your resources available, and have a plan.


Step 5: Track Live Stats & Data

Ticketing platforms are also valuable for their features like live reporting, check-in and sales stats. It’s important to have a ticket management system to identify how many guest will attend, track your sales or increase them through discount opportunities, and use other data to asses marketing strategies.

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