New Upgrade: Partial Refunds And Reassigning Seats

Partial Refunds

Purplepass can now refund individual tickets. You simply need to contact us with the order number and which ticket(s) and a customer service representative can assist you.


Ability to reassign seats

Once a seat has been assigned, you can reassign it through “Search Orders.” Just select the assigned seat event you wish to reassign seats in and click “Reassign.” You must reassign the same number of seats that were originally purchased; otherwise an alert will pop up to release the seats.


Ability to change delivery method through Search Orders by promoter

Access the Fulfillment column by showing it via the hidden columns -- hover over a column header to get to the drop down menu with “fulfillment” as an option. This column will reveal which delivery method has been ordered and you can click on the method to change it via a drop down menu.


Hidden columns on search orders

There are more columns in “Search Orders” than the default six that appear when you go to the page. To show a hidden column, hover over one of the column headers so it turns blue. There is a drop down menu that appears on the right of the column header. Click the arrow and the “Columns” drop down menu shows different hidden columns you can checkmark to show them. For example, you can show the ticket type of each order.


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