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Trance FTW !!! World Premiere Live Broadcast @RUD
Friday, September 28th at 12:00pm PST - Sunday, September 30th, 2012
Online sale ends: 09/28/12 at 11:00am PST
Gardens Of Paradise
32222 Agua Dulce Canyon Rd
Santa Clarita, CA 91390
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​Trance FTW!!! World Premiere - Broadcasting live from RUDEBOI BADGURL CONNECTION™ EarthDance Theme Sound Stage, @ Manifestival 2012 Garden Of Paradise, California

!! Watch us live from your computer or and web enabled device !!

Trance FTW!!! Will debut @ Manifestival 2012 Garden Of Paradise  !!! That's right broadcasting from the Gardens of Paradise

Featuring =

~ Live Broadcast 

~ Live Call-ins 

~ Live Event Coverage 

~ Partygoer Interview 

~ Absolute Nonsense 

~ Free Random Givaways 

~ High Quality

Featuring : @   


 Sept 21 (Fri)

~ Cataluxx
~ DJ Thunder
~ Thomas Craver
~ Richie Reckless
~ Grunt
~ Deaf Treat
~ Dj Spaztik
~ Kong
~ Half Breeds
~ Tha Witchdocta
~ Daisy Chain

So tune in !!!! ~

           ~~ !!!! Official RBBG Site Info "Details" !!!~~

Full Event Info : 

RBBG Connection along with Drop The Beat, Kapital Punishment Wrecords LLC, Getting It Distributions, Koncore Element Treads, & Freeman Audio.

Bring to you the best DJs in Multi- Cultural Technique's of DnB, Electro House, Hard Trance, DubStep/DrumStep, Glitch Hop, Afro Beats, Downtempo Chill Drop & Organic Melodic Sounds.

Day One: Sept 28 (Fridays)
~ Jonathan Morrning
~ DJ Rival
~ j4ckm00n
~ Cheshire
~ Antikrawler
~ Antwanic
~ Bullimiatron
~ Blizzy
~ Shadow Spirit 
~ Flo
~ $exTrp
~ Ras Hi- C

Day Two: Sept 29 (Saturday)
~ Cataluxx
~ DJ Thunder
~ Richie Reckless
~ Grunt
~ Deaf Treat
~ Dj Spaztik
~ Thomas Craver
~ Kong
~ Half Breeds
~ Tha Witchdocta
~ Daisy Chain
~ Lonny Rodela
~ Vitality
~ M27
~ BullDozer
~ Essex
~ Mr.Wise
~ Nightstalker
~ Art of Noise
~ No Hesitation
~ Bomb Shel Bailey
~ Sumo

Day Three: Sept 30 (Sun)
~ Heist
~ Nesquik
~ 2B
~ Wirdowe 

+Special Guests Nightly & More To Be Announced.

~ Emcee Ranking Tripeye
~ Mexichron Vill
~ Sub-DNA

~ Bree
~ Mailani
~ Miss' Barbie
~ KitCat
~ Madame Mazuni
~ Domo
~ Lil Bit
~ Mia Pickles

Performers or Acts
~ Glow Hawk Rick

Photography/Video Editing 
~ Misael Alvarenga
~ DvD Photos

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***Surprise Give-Aways By: 3EV Clothingz, Andro Plugz, RBBG Connection, Vulgar Villains-Clothing Line, Dope Clothing,

Sponsors: PHNTMBass Media Group, 3EV Clothings, Tribe Of King's Sound System, DeadPhace Records, Aim Down Inc, DanceStation, I Rhyme, Collective Elements, Shelter, Bass Cafe, Foam Guys, Plur Lights, Bass Cadets,

25,000 Watts of Reinforced Sound, Fully Permitted Venue, All Responsible Ages, Campout Event.

Special Thanks For The Help To: LED, Insomiac Events, Zulu Nation, Face-bookers, The Dirty Hype, 7 to 7 Productions, True Entertainment, 3EV Clothing, ZomBASS Productionz, Psychonaut Entertainment, PinWheel Cartel, Motive Events, 4th & B, Forces Of Light, Unlimited Cali, Dub Chamber, & Sensi Vibes, Hoop Unit & Low Frequency Radio.

Please support RBBG Connection Int. Inc. and purchase tickets to ManiFestival 2012 , through our (this) event's page for the festival. 

Themed Camps-

A beautiful location just 45 mins North of Los Angeles.

$80 Pre-sale Tickets will be offered. HUGE LINE UP!
More info TBA!

To gather the conscious Collective of like minded beings together for the next level of enlightenment.
Company Overview

A Fundraiser for ZEN LIVING www.facebook.com/zenlivingorg and GREEN AID FOUNDATION Both NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS to help rebuild our society.

General Information:
MANIFESTIVAL 2012- SEPT. 28-30th. 3 days 2 nights. Also there will be Camping for tents and RVs, Looking for people with Art cars they can bring and drive around the festival. Also looking for more vendors for various types of booths, investors always welcome, Non-Profit Green Organizations, NORML, PETA, any science technology booths, art exibits or installations, Fashion Shows, Retail booths, Magic shows, circus freaks, Scary Clowns, Bands competing with celebrity judges for record deal, West Coast DJ's wrecking the decks fronting against East Coast's primal Beatz! FIRE DANCERS, Swingers, Ravers, Club Kids, Beach bunnys, Ball pit, Hot air Balloon rides, Lake Party, Think Tank, MAnifest Your Dreams to come true by writing them on the Manifest Beyond Dream Board you are putting what you want out into the universe and the ball is set in motion.

Alternative energy sources, Hemp, Emergency Preparedness, Post Apocolyptic Survival, Art, Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Food, Organic Farming, Food Co Ops, Communal Living spaces, Space Technology, Ancient History, Spiritual Guidance, Belly Dancing, Dance Therapy, Philosophy, Alternative Medicine, Natural Products, Recycled Products, Good Vibes, etc..

Info Line: 619.655-7207

Presented By

12:00pm to 2:00pm
Doors open at 12:00pm

RSVP: $0.00


Gardens Of Paradise<br> 32222 Agua Dulce Canyon Rd<br> Santa Clarita, 91390



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