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Jesse Madre Fundraiser feat Great American Ghost, Iron Gag, Dive Team
Presented By Koto
Saturday, August 15th at 9:00pm EST
Online sale ends: 08/15/15 at 8:00pm EST
90 washington street
Salem, MA 01970
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All proceeds go towards Jesse's medical expenses. For more details or to donate please visit the gofundme page

From Jesse's GoFundMe page:
"Jesse James Madre became a family friend about 11 years ago when he joined a band with my son. Jesse is one of those people that my husband and I immediately liked because of his friendly nature, his story telling delivery and honest vibe. As the years went by we saw that Jesse was not only a hard working guy that lived life his way, but also how deeply caring he was of others who touched his life. 

A few years ago he started a fund raiser based on who would get to cut off his magnificent, thick, long, black beard! He chose to sponsor a young budding musician from a local music school and raised hundreds of dollars to pay for the student’s tuition. Several months later Hurricane Sandy hit NY and NJ and he held another fund raiser, again raising hundreds of dollars and supplies for the hard hit area. He personally drove down with a friend and distributed the proceeds. Jesse, our young friend, we are honored to know you.

Fast forward to 2013. Jesse is in another band with my son, and the band has just started their set in a Manhattan art and concert venue. Literally, within the first few seconds of their opening song Jesse, steps into a hole in the floor! He badly wrenches his ankle breaking it in three places, but continues the song and finishes the set. Unfortunately, the owners of the art space are refusing to pay for Jesse’s extensive hospital bills. The only thing he asked for.

May of 2015 Jesse relocated to Brooklyn, NY. Not long after moving he was skate boarding in the biking lane in Brooklyn when a parked car pulled out while he was passing by and hit him, throwing him in the path of an oncoming van that ran over his left thigh. Jesse was seriously injured. He refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital because he doesn’t have insurance, so he walked. That was a Wednesday, by Monday, he went to work because he had just started a new job. 

The driver of the car, hit and ran, the van driver did stop, and was not charged. The accident tore the ligaments in Jesse’s knee as well as fractured his tibia where it meets his knee. His pelvis is fractured. Jesse has severe soft tissue damage and tears with edema in his hamstrings and quads. He has two herniated discs in his back that are causing major nerve issues as well as three broken transverse process in his back as well, which are the small wing bones off of the vertebrae. The doctors are saying Jesse’s going to need some surgery.

Jesse has retained a lawyer but who knows when, if ever, there will be a monetary settlement. He’s had doctor visits, an MRI and physical therapy. The bills are mounting.  

Your donation is an expression of concern and care for this wonderful friend of ours. Thank you. 

Get well and heal fast Jesse"


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9:00pm to 1:00am
Doors open at 9:00pm

General Admission: $8.00


Koto<br> 90 washington street<br> Salem, 01970


(978) 594-8681

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