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Love's Labour's Lost
April 25th - April 28th, 2024 PST
Online sale ends: 04/27/24 at 6:00pm PST
San Bernardino Valley College Auditorium
701 S Mount Vernon Ave.
San Bernardino, CA 92410
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"Love's Labour's Lost" is a delightful comedic play penned by William Shakespeare. The plot unfolds in the court of Navarre, where King Ferdinand and his three noble companions pledge to devote three years to scholarly pursuits, forsaking the distractions of love. This commitment, however, faces a swift challenge when the Princess of France and her entourage pay a visit. The clash between academic resolutions and the allure of romance forms the crux of the play. Shakespeare masterfully explores the themes of love, wit, and the inherent folly of attempting to dictate the course of one's heart.

The play is renowned for its linguistic virtuosity, boasting an abundance of wordplay, clever repartees, and poetic flourishes. The characters engage in witty banter, showcasing Shakespeare's unparalleled ability to manipulate language for comedic effect. The dynamics between the genders, as well as the contrasting approaches to love and learning, provide a rich tapestry for the audience to unravel.

As the narrative unfolds, the characters grapple with their emotions, leading to a series of humorous and sometimes farcical situations. The arrival of the Princess and her ladies disrupts the scholarly pursuits of the men, leading to a delightful exploration of the complexities and unpredictability of human relationships. The play's resolution is marked by a festive and joyous atmosphere, underscoring the transformative power of love and the folly of trying to resist its enchanting embrace. "Love's Labour's Lost" stands as a testament to Shakespeare's genius, blending humor, romance, and intellectual wit in a captivating theatrical experience.

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Event starts at 7:00pm
Doors open at 6:30pm

General Admission: $15.00
Cast & Crew: $5.00
Student, Staff, Military, Senior: $12.00
Children: $8.00

All Ages

San Bernardino Valley College Auditorium<br> 701 S Mount Vernon Ave.<br> San Bernardino, 92410





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