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geometry dash subzero
Presented By Backrooms Game
Tuesday, December 12th at 12:15am EST - Tuesday, November 12th, 2024
Online sale ends: 11/12/24 at 1:00am EST
Camden Wyoming, DE, NY 12242
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You can also avoid many of these cars by swerving left or right. Beware of cars that may suddenly change lanes. It is very important to brake if you wish to reduce speed. Just press the accelerator to go faster. You earn more money the farther you go.

You can also find armored vehicles that will drop money into the game. Also, try to collect the money. You can also ride your vehicle on a truck. You can drive freely on the road once you are on the truck. All cars can be hit without damage. The more geometry dash subzero cars that you destroy, the more money you earn. The timer is limited, and the truck will explode when the timer expires. Your car will then be back on road

12:15am to 1:00am
Doors open at 11:45pm

General Admission: $23.00


Delvine<br> Delvine<br> Camden Wyoming, DE, 12242