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Spotlight's BEAUTY and the BEAST
Friday, July 28th at 7:00pm CST
Online sale ends: 07/28/23 at 6:45pm CST
Putnam City West High School
8500 NW 23rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
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Reid Rowland as Belle

Jordan Mackenzy Shipman as Beast

Brooklyn Wood as Mrs. Potts

Gianni Bendinelli as Cogsworth

Colin Knapp as Lumiere

John Lehew as Gaston

Sutton Rowland as Lafou

Sloan Rowland as Chip

Bliss Lewis as Chip

Dawson Knapp as Maurice

Mackenzy Shipman as Beast,

Embrace a tale as old as time, in the enchanting musical 'Beauty and the Beast'. Our adventure begins when the young and vibrant Belle, a woman ahead of her time in a small provincial town, becomes the captive of a Beast in his gloomy and magical castle. The Beast, cursed due to his former arrogance, must find true love before the last petal of an enchanted rose falls, or he will remain a beast forever.

Spirited and bold, Belle begins to look beyond the Beast’s exterior, igniting a spark of friendship that grows into a deep bond of love. 

Unbeknownst to them, the villainous Gaston, fueled by envy and obsession, plots to end their blossoming relationship. As the clock ticks, Belle and the Beast must defy societal expectations and confront their deepest fears.

Accompanied by a heartwarming and unforgettable score, whimsical supporting characters, and lavish sets, 'Beauty and the Beast' takes us on a thrilling journey exploring themes of love, acceptance, and the true meaning of beauty. This timeless musical promises to steal your heart and leave you humming its tunes, making you believe in the magic of love and the power of transformation. Prepare to be enthralled by the grandeur, the romance, and the magic in 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Items Not Allowed
Outside drink and food.
Additional Information
Use parking lot Southwest from the main building. Entrance only at the West door.

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7:00pm to 9:30pm
Doors open at 6:00pm

General Admission: $20.00

All Ages

Putnam City West High School<br> 8500 NW 23rd<br> Oklahoma City, 73127



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