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Intro to Poppets - Make & Take
Presented By We Witches 3
Sunday, June 25th at 1:00pm MST
Online sale ends: 06/21/23 at 11:30pm MST
We Witches 3
9068 S Magna Main Street
Magna, UT 84128
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In folk magic and witchcraft, a poppet (also known as poppit, moppet, mommet or pippy) is a doll made to represent a person, for casting spells on that person or to aid that person through magic.  They've been around for thousands of years, and are still used by practitioners today for healing, protection, prosperity, and other needs.

The use of dolls in sympathetic magic goes back several millennia.

 Although TV shows and movies typically show poppets as the stereotypical "voodoo doll," poppets have been around for a long time. There are a number of different ways to create a poppet, and you don't necessarily have to stick pins in them to make them be effective.

 (SOURCE:  Patti Wigington)

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1:00pm to 4:00pm
Doors open at 12:30pm

General Admission: $35.00
Sunday, June 25th 2023 @ 1:00pm MST


We Witches 3<br> 9068 S Magna Main Street<br> Magna, 84128




Sunday, May 21st

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