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Hypno Queen Kaya 's SPELLBOUND! A Femdom Multi Mistress Birthday Play Party
Saturday, May 6th at 9:00pm PST
Online sale ends: 05/06/23 at 8:45pm PST
Children of Lilith Temple
East Cesar E Chavez (EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET)
Los Angeles, CA 90033
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Tara Indiana

Kaya Anais

Jewell Marceau

Mara Kaji


9pm  Doors Open

Meet, Greet and Play with some of LA's Top Pro-Dommes! Celebrate Ms. Kaya Anais 50th birthday doing what she loves most: amusing Herself and her friends with the antics of slaves and HYPNOSIS!

Wine, Beverages, Hors d’oeuvres & Amuse bouche will be served. (420 Outdoor patio)

We will be open to all genders and orientations but the emphasis is definitely FEMDOM Mistresses and slaves looking to be collared! Ladies, be ready to be waited on hand & foot by Our slaves! Enjoy them making fools of themselves to impress You and mingle with professional Dominatrixes:

Tara Indiana, Kaya Anais, Jewell Marceau, & introducing Mara Kaji

Rules for Slaves:
1. Speak when spoken to.
2. Do as you are told
3. Ask permission to approach
4. Introduce yourself formerly by kneeling before Her, kissing Her hand or foot (as She prefers) Use proper etiquette; address Her by title (Mistress, Goddess, etc.)
5. Be of service; wait on Her, bring Her things, offer foot massages, pamper her, lavish Her in compliments
6. She will initiate play at Her whim
7. Don't touch anyone or anything without permission
8. Don't be higher then Her in Her presence. Kneel, or sit on the floor.
9. Do not sit on furniture without permission.
10. Don't be an annoying. If you're not sure what that means -you're probably annoying - don't come.
11. Be prepared to impress or amuse Her.
Infraction of any of these rules may result in Punishment at Our discretion :)

11PM Slave Tournament
Win a chance to be Mistress Kaya’s Personal HypnoPet!
Show your charm in the hopes of gaining Her favor!
One lucky sub will win the honor of a private dinner audience, with a chance to become admitted into Her Stable!

The Tournament Trials:
1. The Foot Worship: Best Massage Skills
2. The Tickle Torture Competition - who can endure being tickled the longest!
3. Best Hypno-Drone: Who is the most suggestable and amusing
4. Thoughtfulness: You will present Mistress Kaya with a Birthday Gift and graded on it's thoughtfulness. Her Wishlist can be found here or you can surprise her with something you've picked yourself

Dommes - Come dressed as Your Inner Goddess! Dominatrix, Fetish Attire, Formal Wear, Cocktail Dress, Naughty Nurse, School Teacher, Nun, Vampire Queen, Succubus, Devil Girl, Sexy Kitty or in whatever makes you feel most powerful!

Subs & slaves: Dress to Impress your Goddess! Business Suit, All Black, Fetish Attire, Doggy, Puppy, Piggy, Patient, Slave, Pony, Beast of Burden or whatever makes you feel weak and vulnerable ;)

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9:00pm to 1:00am
Doors open at 9:00pm

Early Bird Single Female Ticket: $30.00
Single Female Ticket: $40.00
Early BirdSingle sub Play Ticket: $150.00
Single sub Play Ticket: $200.00
Early Bird Couple Ticket: $60.00
Couple Ticket: $80.00


Children of Lilith Temple<br> East Cesar E Chavez (EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET)<br> Los Angeles, 90033


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