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Are phone skins better than cases?
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Wednesday, February 22nd at 2:00am PST - Wednesday, February 21st, 2024
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Are you a smartphone geek? If you are then you might have heard about the different add-ons that are launched for mobile phones. 

Things like the iPhone 11 Wallet Cases are a good example of this process. Phone cases have become highly popular. 

Nearly 4 out of 5 people have a phone case installed at the back of their phone. They are used as a protective measure. 

But in the same lane of innovative addition,s we have something called phone skins. Now there is a discussion that goes on in many places. This is between the skins and cases. 

Which one is a better option for your phone? 

The answer is: hones cases. Without any doubt! Phone skins are a type of adhesive-printed wallpaper for a smartphone. 

In case, your phone gets damaged from the back or gets scratches around it, then this skin can be applied to hide it. 

But this skin won’t be able to save your phone. Whereas a phone case will not only save it but also prevent the phone from getting any scratches, dents, etc. 

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