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High Impact Retention Practices: How to Implement
Friday, April 22nd at 9:00am EST
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Manchester Community College
Great Path
Manchester, CT 06045-1046
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President, Manchester Community Co

Every college and university works to improve the retention (“persistence”) of its students through to graduation.  Higher retention means more institutional revenue and less student debt. Some schools do it better than others, in part because of leadership driving good policies and practices, in part because of the nature of their student bodies, and in part because of differences in resources.  


As we try to emerge from the pandemic and all the sacrifices it has forced, student success and retention have been severely challenged.  At most schools, the “achievement gap” (“opportunity gap”) has gotten worse for underrepresented and first generation students.  If we can significantly increase the retention of these students, we can increase the retention of all students, and even “reclaim’ some students who have dropped out.


In Connecticut, and nationally, four-year institutions have higher retention rates than publicly financed community colleges, and there are policies and practices which, if adequately financed and implemented properly, will make a difference at any type of school.   Some schools have the resources, and leadership, to implement these practices for maximum effect, while others, especially community colleges, do not.   Although there are many schools across the country, including in Connecticut, with effective practices, many schools could do this better. 


On  Friday, April 22, join CHERE at Manchester Community College in Manchester, Connecticut, for its second hybrid conference to share best practices at several colleges and universities, examine both high impact retention practices and introduce a “self-assessment” survey instrument that CHERE has developed to support these practices.  Several schools will highlight their approach, and staff and students from several schools will highlight their ideas about retention. 


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9:00am to 2:00pm
Doors open at 8:30am

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All Ages

Manchester Community College<br> Great Path<br> Manchester, 06045-1046




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