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Identifying, Managing, and Retaining Hi-Potential Employees
Presented By AbideEdict
Wednesday, March 3rd at 1:00pm EST
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2712 W. 121st Ter. Leawood, KS 66209, USA.
2712 W. 121st Ter. Leawood, KS 66209, USA.
Leawood, KS 66209
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A high-potential employee has the ability, aspiration, and motivation to contribute both a higher quantity and quality of work for their employers and for their teams than the average worker.

However, to get the benefit of a high-potential employee, some special management of this type of employee is necessary.

For example:

·         1 in 3 high-potential employees admit to not putting full effort into their jobs

·         1 in 4 believes that he or she will be working for another employer in a year

·         1 in 5 believe that their personal aspirations are different from what the organization has planned for them

Therefore, without special attention to the needs of your High Potentials, you run the risk of losing them and leaving productivity on the table. In this webinar, you will learn how to identify a high potential employee, how to go about developing them so that they can perform at their maximum contribution level and how to keep them working for your organization for as long as possible.

Why Should You Attend 

Organizations need to work even harder at engaging and retaining their key talent; the most important group being their high potentials because these employees produce a significantly higher level of both quality and quantity of work than others. They are also frequently the source of future leadership for the organization. 

Employees who have high potential to be leaders within the company are the cornerstone to your organization’s strategy of growth from within. Without the development of high-potential talent, your organization will not be successful in meeting its business goals.

Properly identifying high-potential employees can reduce high-potential dropout rates and associated expenses. Proper identification can improve and target developmental plans, resulting in more satisfied high-potential employees who are more likely to stay with the organization.

Mistaking a high-performing employee for a high-potential employee can cause costly issues. A manager who understands the difference will be more effective in engaging with and retaining them and requires the right knowledge to do so. 

Join this webinar to discover how to identify them in your organization, unique methods of developing them, and techniques to use to determine if they are at risk of disengaging or even leaving your organization. 

Objectives of the Presentation 
 » Understand how to identify high-potentials
 » Be able to give feedback to high-potentials
 » Identify what can help development and growth in high-potentials and what could impede it
 » Identify early warning signs and how to respond to them
 » Learn of the career development opportunities and options preferred by high potentials

 Areas Covered in the Session 
 » Who are High-Potential Employees?
 » Differentiating a High Potential from a High Performer
 » What’s Different about a High-Potential Employee?
 » Developing a High-Potential Employee
 » How to Accelerate Development
 » Types of Developmental Activities
 » Placing High Potentials in the Right Role
 » How to Spend Your Time Most Effectively with a High Potential
 » Giving Feedback to High Potentials
 » Providing Career Support to High Potentials
 » Career Planning for High Potentials: Roles & Responsibilities for Career Development
 » Supporting Career Development Action Plans: Tips & Tactics
 » Helping High Potentials Transition into a New Role
 » Early Warning Signals of Disengagement
 » How to responding to an Early Warning Signal

Who Will Benefit 
 » Any medium or larger size organization
 » CTO, VP Sales, VP Engineering
 » Learning Development Employees
 » Human Resources Professionals
 » Chief Talent Officers, SVP or VP, HR, HR Business partners, Line managers, and HR leaders

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2712 W. 121st Ter. Leawood, KS 66209, USA.<br> 2712 W. 121st Ter. Leawood, KS 66209, USA.<br> Leawood, 66209





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