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Root Cause and Problem Solving
Presented By AbideEdict
Tuesday, December 22nd at 1:00pm EST
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2712 W. 121st Ter. Leawood, KS 66209, USA.
2712 W. 121st Ter. Leawood, KS 66209, USA.
Leawood, KS 66209
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The failure to find root causes is perhaps the greatest problem facing business today.  In manufacturing operations, this inability to systematically search out and find root causes can mean the loss of customers and millions of dollars or even illness or death among consumers.  

By changing the way managers or even individual operators think, a new approach to putting problems to bed once and for all can be achieved.  When a company fails to identify and solve root cause problems, the problems reoccur leaving all players frustrated and often “just living with the problems” or adding extra personnel or inspection and test costs to their operations.  

Learning to track down and resolve root causes is the skill that separates highly successful companies from those classified as second class.

Why Should You Attend 

This webinar will take you through your manufacturing lines and paperwork bottlenecks to a new way of thinking and viewing material and paperwork flows.  You will learn to question.  You will learn to swim upstream and you will learn to teach others to do the same.  Root causes are often simple to find or may require travel from the factory to the corporate headquarters to get at the source of problems.

This webinar offers practical and immediate practical approaches to resolving root cause problems that you can put to immediate use.  You do not need a Ph.D. to succeed. You do not need to become certified in SWOT, FMEA, 8-D or Ishikawa.  You need to learn to be free to explore and solve on your feet without magical cookie-cutter approaches.

While factories are often blamed for poor quality, missed shipment goals and excessive costs, root causes can be right under their noses or thousands of miles away.

This course is an absolute must for any individual or group frustrated by the constant inability to produce a quality product on time so that line and shipment rejections are reduced (permanently) near zero.

Now is the time to upgrade company knowledge and skills. Root cause analysis is far more than the 5 Whys.  Problem-solving is not the same as adding inspection, rework and test.

Objectives of the Presentation 
 » Understand and control Process Design, Qualification and Validation
 » Know the difference between corrective action and prevention
 » Sampling, data collection, analysis
 » Know how to work with cause and effect
 » Identifying and controlling variation quantitatively and visually
 » Statistical Process Control (SPC) may not be the answer
 » Know how to establish and control a team approach
 » Understand responsibilities regarding supplier qualification and certification
 » Learn a simple and powerful technique to get your company quickly on track to compliance
 » Untangle messy document systems from their impact on production

 Areas Covered in the Session 
 » Management by walking around – the power of your vision
 » A new approach to dealing with production meeting hostilities that lack permanent solutions
 » Line reviews
 » Practical and immediate methods you can use today
 » Looking at production and paperwork rework cycles
 » Standardization
 » Kanban approaches
 » Eliminating batch processing
 » Taking tools away from inspectors
 » Removing rework from production areas
 » Team and immediate rewards for the successful
 » Elimination of inspection and test
 » Tracking costs and saving money
 » Solution tracking Sheets (Trends, targets, teams, the 5 Whys (Ishikawa), Pareto and rewards).
 » International operations
 » Where to start – taking leadership

Who Will Benefit 
 » CEOs, VP and Director Level Personnel at the factory and corporate levels
 » Food Safety and Quality Team Members
 » Food Testing labs and Quality Personnel
 » Engineering managers and staff
 » Operations personnel
 » Food Process Engineers
 » Production design personnel
 » Finance and compliance staff
 » Sales personnel

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2712 W. 121st Ter. Leawood, KS 66209, USA.<br> 2712 W. 121st Ter. Leawood, KS 66209, USA.<br> Leawood, 66209





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