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Coronavirus; Putting the Country Back to Work
Presented By Global Wizdom
Tuesday, July 21st at 1:00pm PST
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Live -Webinar
Kellogg Center 26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 600
Littleton, CO 80120
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The United States must go back to work to avoid lasting economic damage from the coronavirus shutdown. Failure to take sensible precautions could however repeat the mistakes of 1918, when premature relaxation of countermeasures resulted in unnecessary deaths and hospitalizations.
There are fortunately off-the-shelf non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) that can reduce opportunities for contagion, along with administrative controls such as staggered work shifts and meal breaks that reduce the number of people present at any given time. Respiratory protection offers yet another line of defense should COVID-19 ever return in its current form, or a mutated one against which the vaccines under development will not work.
Organizations have meanwhile been compelled to make telecommuting and distance education work, which in fact eliminate the need for brick and mortar structures along with their associated capital and maintenance costs. Continuation of these approaches, therefore, offers enormous savings even when they are no longer necessary for protection against COVID-19.
Areas Covered in the Session:
1.  The United States cannot shut down its economy indefinitely to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but premature relaxation of precautions will lead to unnecessary deaths as shown by similar events during the 1918 flu pandemic.
•  Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as social distancing and face masks worked against the 1918 flu but the disease returned when people dropped their guard.
•  NPIs also worked against the 1956-1957 flu and have also, in conjunction with the annual vaccine, apparently ended the 2019-2020 flu season a good month early.
Bill Levinson, P.E., FASQ is the owner of Levinson Productivity Systems, P.C. which specializes in quality management systems, industrial statistics, and lean manufacturing. He is the author of numerous books and articles on management and quality and a leading authority on Henry Ford’s universal code for world-class performance.

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Live -Webinar<br> Kellogg Center 26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 600<br> Littleton, 80120




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