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[webinar] Keys to Compelling and Captivating an Audience: Discovering and Expressing Your “Passion Power” ™
Presented By Global Wizdom
Wednesday, April 22nd at 1:00pm EST
Online sale ends: 04/22/20 at 10:30am EST
Live - Webinar
Global Wizdom Kellogg Center 26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 600
Littleton, CO 80120
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Mark Gorkin

In a TNT – Time-Numbers-Technology – Driven & Distracted World, getting and holding people’s attention is critical. Capturing your audience is necessary, but still not sufficient. As noted by a Diversity Consultant and the Program Coordinator for the Human Resources of Palm Beach County, FL (the local SHRM affiliate: (The Stress Doc ™) has a way of captivating the audience and makes them want to hear more…a must-hear! The Doc’s “how-to” blend of FUN and mind-expanding concepts and dynamic small-large group exercises is for anyone that wants to be a more compelling and connecting leader-communicator. Consider three captivating keys/questions:

Areas Covered in the Session:
1.  Quickly capture an audience through the Stress Doc’s New KISS: “Keep It Short & Smart” and Memorable MISS: Sassy & Surprising”; “Less Is More (More or Less)” and “Stand Out…Don’t Just Be Outstanding”
2.  Through a playfully “out-rage-ous” exercise, learn to disarm conflict by and asking “Good Questions” while “Building Trust”
3.  Learn to bring to life concepts through Get Real and Get FIT – Fun-Interactive-Thought-provoking – exercises
4.  Grasp the Five “A”s of Arousing, Connecting & Energizing (ACE) Communication: Attention-Anticipation-Animation-Activation-Actualization
5.  Discover and discuss, then bring to life through storytelling the Stress Doc’s acclaimed “Five ‘P’ Passion Power Model” – being Purposeful-Provocative-Passionate-Playful-Philosophical
6.  Gain participatory, “Helmet’s Off” structures, skills, and strategies for making your teams more “Inclusive, Involving, and Inspired”
Speaker: Mark Gorkin
Founding Partner of The Stress Doc
Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, “The Stress Doc”™, a nationally acclaimed speaker, popular webinar educator, writer, and “Motivational Psychohumorist”™. Mark is a founding partner and Stress Resilience and Trauma Debriefing Consultant for the Nepali Diaspora Behavioral Health & Wellness Initiative and is a Cross-Cultural Diversity Training Speaker & Consultant for numerous Federal Agencies. The Doc is also a Leadership and Life Coach as well as a Clinical Therapist for Inner City Family Services, Washington, DC. A former Stress and Violence Prevention Consultant for the US Postal Service, he has led numerous Pre-Deployment Stress Resilience-Humor-Team Building Retreats for the US Army. Presently, Mark does Cross-Cultural Facilitation and Presentations for organizational/corporate clients of HR Consulting Firm PRM.
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1:00pm to 2:00pm
Doors open at 12:30pm

General Admission: $129.00


Live - Webinar<br> Global Wizdom Kellogg Center 26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 600<br> Littleton, 80120





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