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Local Car Fest
Presented By Local Car Scene
Saturday, September 5th at 9:00am PST
Online sale ends: 09/05/20 at 8:00am PST
Eibach Springs
264 Mariah Circle
Corona, CA 92879
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Local Car Fest is back to celebrate our fifth year! Eibach Springs has welcome us back to continue this amazing show. 

Are you looking for a completely different show experience than anything you've ever been to? We believe we're it. We're bringing amazing old and new cars together for this one day event in Corona, California. We're guaranteed to have a mix of anything and everything. You will not leave without liking one car.

This event is free to the public and is a family friendly event for all ages. We have age appropriate music and a no models policy. We strive to have a family friendly environment at every event we put together. 

Admission Options:
Preferred Show Parking: $50.00 Limited to 130 Spaces
General Show Parking: $32.00 Limited to 220 Spaces

First 50 guests to register will be receiving event t-shirts for free!

Saturday, September 5th, 2020
264 Mariah Circle, Corona, CA 

Preferred Show Roll In: 7:00am
General Show Roll In: 8:00am

Show Begins: 9:00am
Judging Begins: 9:30am
Exhaust Contest Sponsored by Carven Exhaust: 12:30pm
Trophy Ceremony: 1:30pm

Trophy Categories From 2019*: * Note these will change to reflect what registers*

1. Best Wrap
2. Best Static Fitment
3. Best Engine Bay
4. Best Interior
5. Most Unique Build
6. Most Original Import
7. Best Truck
8. Best Turbo Car
9. Best Bagged Fitment

10. Best Sound System
11. Best Exotic
12. Most Track Ready
13. Most Dragstrip Ready
14. Best Paint
15. Best Toyota 1st Place
16. Best Toyota 2nd Place 
17. Best All Wheel Drive 1st Place
18. Best All Wheel Drive 2nd Place 
19. Best European 1st Place
20. Best European 2nd Place
21. Best Mazda 1st Place
22. Best Mazda 2nd place 
23. Best Chevrolet 1st Place
24. Best Chevrolet 2nd Place 
25. Best Nissan 1st Place
26. Best Nissan 2nd Place 
27. Best Ford 1st Place
28. Best Ford 2nd Place 
29. Best MOPAR 1st Place
30. Best MOPAR 2nd Place 
31. Best KDM 1st Place
32. Best KDM 2nd Place 
33. Best JDM 1st Place
34. Best JDM 2nd Place 
35. Best Honda 1st Place
36. Best Honda 2nd Place 
37. Best VIP
38. Best Classic Cruiser
39. Best Classic Custom
40. Most Original - American 
1st Overall Pre-1980
2nd Overall Pre- 1980
3rd Overall Pre-1980
1st Overall Post-1980
2nd Overall Post-1980
3rd Overall Post-1980

Items Not Allowed

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9:00am to 2:00pm
Doors open at 8:00am

General Admission: $27.00
Preferred Admission: $50.00

Eibach Springs<br> 264 Mariah Circle<br> Corona, 92879





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