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Managing Training and Self-Leadership in a High Turnover Environment
Presented By Training Doyens
Tuesday, February 11th at 1:00pm EST
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26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016-6104
26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016-6104
Aurora, CO 80016
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During this webinar, Justin will display ways to uncover the issue of workplace turnover and provide corrective options to help address such circumstances. In addition, he will discuss ways to conquer the risks associated with not acting on turnover and provide insightful guidance to handle this growing issue across many industries.

Justin will establish the need to tackle this issue head on through effective training to keep your organizational culture intact and reduce the overall risk of employee turnover.


Do you have any idea how much money organizations spend to replace talent, getting them onboarded and providing training?

The Work Institute found in a 2018 Retention Report that employers will pay as much as $600 billion in turnover costs based on an analysis of over 230+ thousand exit interviews. Not only that, it was reported also that this number is expected to increase to $680 billion by 2020. This is a crazy amount!

Wouldn’t it just be easier to use more of your budget on training staff and increasing employee morale than to simply pay so much in costs?

I think the answer is obvious. This is what we will go over during this webinar.


  • Overview of workplace turnover

  • Strategies to reduce employee turnover

  • New hire training

  • Existing staff

  • Consultants/contractors

  • Refresh the information

  • Wrap-up


Employee turnover is crazy these days in corporate America, yet different depending on who is talking. It’s not only about employers cutting back staff, it’s also about employees leaving the organization after a short period of time to pursue other opportunities.

The major problem is, how do you handle training and self-leadership in an organization these days when both are an issue. In thus webinar you will learn to assess the risk of employee turnover and how to prevent turnover in the workplace.


Anyone in a training role across all industries


Years of Experience: 20+ years

Areas of Expertise: Compliance and Regulations in Financial Services

Justin Muscolino brings over 20 years of wide-ranging experience in compliance, training and regulation in the financial services sector. Most recently, he served as Head of Compliance Training at Bank of China where he led the compliance training function. Justin previously served as Macquarie Groups Head of Americas Compliance Training and JPMorgan Chases Compliance Training lead. Justin also worked for FINRA, a US regulator, where he helped create Examiner University to train examiners on how to perform their function.

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26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016-6104<br> 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016-6104<br> Aurora, 80016





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