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Shen-fa:Immersive Martial Movement Workshop
Presented By Svitlana Zavialova
Saturday, January 11th at 4:15pm EST
Online sale ends: 01/11/20 at 3:00pm EST
Calyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Svitlana Zavialova

Force Without Definition
Immaterial force between movement and intention
An Immersive Martial Movement Workshop Experience

Svitlana Zavialova is a Ukrainian born Visionary Martial Movement Performing Artist. She is the founder of the Wu Woman Martial Movement style (the fusion of traditional Kung Fu and Futuristic Dance), Actor and Entrepreneur.

Svitlana is World Champion in Musical Forms of Martial Arts as well as Traditional World Wushu (kung fu) Champion, and a former host of Real Kung Fu Experience on China Central TV, Channel 1.

Born in Post Soviet Crimea and made her way to the motherland of Kung fu, China and becoming a success in Chinese traditional martial arts. Svitlana later transcended her highly technical martial arts performance style into new form of movement story telling where martial movement is used as an instrument for conveying all spectrums of human emotions. Her style is inspired by the complexity of human consciousness.

The Wu Woman pushes the existing constructs about what martial arts is. She pursues the phenomenon of “Shen-fa”; the unspoken connection between the body and mind.

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4:15pm to 5:45pm
Doors open at 4:00pm

General Admission: $40.00


MURIEL SCHULMAN THEATER<br> Calyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222<br> Brooklyn, 11222