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Employee Handbook: Policies and Changes You Must Have in 2020
Presented By Training Doyens
Wednesday, December 11th at 3:00pm EST
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Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
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Employee handbooks have been a tool for employers from small to large companies for several years. Many companies elect to have employee handbooks and utilize employee handbook templates that are provided on-line which we call “cookie-cutter handbook” since they are created as a “one size fits all”. Unfortunately, employee handbooks can be a huge risk if not updated regularly, adapted to each company, reflect policies that are followed consistently and reflect current regulations. Employee handbook policies and procedures are also a critical communication tool for employees to understand what the company expects from them as well as what the company expects from employees.

In my workplace compliance experience, employees review the handbook when they are new employees coming onboard to company and when they are considering leaving the company or when they are considering suing the company.


Did you know that employee handbooks can be a risk or a benefit for employers? For years an employee handbook has been one of the first documents employment law attorneys request when they are planning to pursue workplace charges against an employer. Shouldn’t you ensure that your employee handbook protects your company instead of exposing it to numerous risks? Learn how to write an employee handbook that will reduce your company’s risk and help you mitigate the numerous workplace regulations that can impact your company.

Over 26-35 regulations have changed since 2016. If you aren’t updating employee handbook regularly, your handbook is already outdated. Multi-State regulations have increased and continue to expand to other states.

Free Customized Volatile Termination Toolkit for All Attendees


  • Participants will learn to identify and prepare for employee handbook legal issues

  • Participants will be aware of all the federal regulations 2020 that will impact their company

  • The course will identify the most common employee handbook violations and how to mitigate them

  • Know the employee handbook checklist and learn what five employee handbook policies work as risk management strategies when added to your handbook

  • New employee handbook changes established in June 2018 that help employers

  • Participants will learn which regulatory agency will focus on which regulation and mitigate the risk

  • Participants will learn what employee handbook policies and procedures will land them in hot water

  • What policies are “must-have” for your employee handbook?

  • Social media and the impact of penalties when employees choose to speak negatively about their employer

  • New paid leave laws and how employers can manage them

  • What is the difference between employee handbooks and company policies?

  • Learn what should be included in an employee handbook and what employee handbook policies will be outdated before the year is out

  • Identify the best practices that can propel your company to be compliance savvy

  • Learn how your managers/supervisors can be your ambassadors in workplace compliance or your downfall

  • See how training can be one of your “first line of defense” if you are sued


  • Learn to review and update the employee handbook & standalone policies

  • Learn which regulations are trending and what should be included in an employee handbook

  • Learn which federal regulations are new


  • Business Owners

  • Employers

  • HR professionals

  • Office Managers

  • Multi-state Employers

  • Facilities Managers

  • Workplace Compliance professionals

  • Managers/Supervisors

  • Any person wanting to keep up to date with workplace regulations


Margie Faulk is a senior-level human resources professional with over 14 years of HR management and compliance experience. A current Compliance Advisor for HR Compliance Solutions, LLC, Margie, has worked as an HR Compliance advisor for major corporations and small businesses in the small, large, private, public and Non-profit sectors. Margie has provided small to large businesses with risk management strategies that protect companies and reduces potential workplace fines and penalties from violation of employment regulations. Margie is bilingual (Spanish) fluent and bi-cultural.

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