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Volunteer at Salmon Jam
Friday, July 12th at 6:00pm AKST - Saturday, July 13th, 2019
Online sale ends: 07/12/19 at 5:00pm AKST
Mt Eyak Ski Area
Ski Hill Road
Cordova, AK 99574
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Dan Mac Band

Join us for a weekend jam-packed with fun for the whole family at Cordova Arts' annual fundraiser! Salmon Jam tickets include live music Fri & Sat night, Taste of Cordova entry, Small Fry kids' activities and Local artisan craft fair entry.​ 

It's two days of live music, dancing, kids' activities, artisan fair, running events (marathon, half-marathon, 10k and 5k), a wild food cook-off and lots of Copper River Salmon! Cordova's annual Copper River Salmon Jam is a cultural event that benefits the residents and visitors of Cordova and helps to make our community a place where people want to live year-round. Sustainable Alaskan fisheries, salmon ecology, and the importance of salmon to local economies are shared with festival-goers through hands-on activities, booths, displays, and is at the heart of the entire event.

Not only do patrons enjoy the activities and guest musicians during Salmon Festival weekend, but Salmon Jam Music Festival is the annual fundraiser for Cordova Arts Council and proceeds from Salmon Jam help support year-round cultural and education activities in Cordova. These cultural activities make art available to our isolated community and educate Cordova youth, with artists offering special performances during the school day for all students.

Visit the Salmon Jam website for complete details of this year's event!

Items Not Allowed
Guns, outside alcohol, illegal drugs and political agendas are not permitted anywhere on the festival site. No Alcohol will be allowed through the gates. There will be beer from the Alaskan Brewing Company. We are also offering a limited selection of wines available inside the gates in the beer garden. Drinks must be finished before leaving the beer garden. Alcohol is NOT PERMITTED outside the beer garden and will be confiscated. Water stations will be provided throughout the festival grounds and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase in the snack shack. The Mt Eyak Ski Hill has a NO DOGS ALLOWED policy. Please keep your furry friends at home. No campfires allowed on the grounds during Salmon Jam, unless approved by David Branshaw.
Additional Information
IMPORTANT: In order to receive your VOLUNTEER DISCOUNT you must choose your volunteer shift FIRST, add it to your cart and check out. Then you will be sent a Volunteer Confrimation email followed by a Volunteer Coupon Code email. Use the code from the second email to redeem your volunteer discount online at salmonjam.org/tickets or at the Gate. For most volunteer shifts, each shift = $15 off admission. That means that 2 shifts gets you in free for 1 night, 3 shifts get you in free for the whole weekend!

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Event starts at 6:00pm
Doors open at 5:45pm

Volunteer Beer Server - Friday, 5:30-8pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Server - Friday, 8-10pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Server - Friday, 10-12pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Server - Saturday, 4:30-6pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Server - Saturday, 6-8pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Server - Saturday, 8-10pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Server - Saturday, 10pm-Close: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Token Sales - Friday, 5:30-8pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Token Sales - Friday, 8-10pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Token Sales - Friday, 10-12pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Token Sales - Saturday, 4:30-6pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Token Sales - Saturday, 6-8pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Token Sales - Saturday, 8-10pm: $0.00
Volunteer Beer Token Sales - Saturday, 10pm-Close: $0.00
Volunteer Security - Friday, 5:30-8pm: $0.00
Volunteer Security - Friday, 8-10pm: $0.00
Volunteer Security - Friday, 10-12pm: $0.00
Volunteer Security - Saturday, 4:30-6pm: $0.00
Volunteer Security - Saturday, 6-8pm: $0.00
Volunteer Security - Saturday, 8-10pm: $0.00
Volunteer Security - Saturday, 10pm-Close: $0.00
Volunteer Gate - Friday, 5:00-7:30pm: $0.00
Volunteer Gate - Friday, 7:30-9:30pm: $0.00
Volunteer Gate - Friday, 9:30-11:30pm & Shutdown: $0.00
Volunteer Gate - Saturday, 12:30-2:30pm: $0.00
Volunteer Gate - Saturday, 2:30-4:30pm: $0.00
Volunteer Gate - Saturday, 4:30-7pm: $0.00
Volunteer Gate - Saturday, 7-9:30pm: $0.00
Volunteer Gate - Saturday, 9:30-11:30pm & Clean up: $0.00
Volunteer Snack Shack - Friday, 5:30-8pm: $0.00
Volunteer Snack Shack - Friday, 8-10pm & Clean up: $0.00
Volunteer Snack Shack - Saturday, 12:30-3pm: $0.00
Volunteer Snack Shack - Saturday, 5:30-8pm: $0.00
Volunteer Snack Shack - Saturday, 8-10pm & Clean up: $0.00
Tent Set Up - Thursday, July 11 at 5pm: $0.00
Tent Take Down - Sunday, July 14 at 12-Noon: $0.00
Festival Set Up - Friday, 9am-12pm: $0.00
Festival Set Up - Friday, 1-4pm: $0.00
Small Fry Setup - Saturday, 11am-1pm: $0.00
Merchandise Silent Auction - Friday, 5:30-8pm: $0.00
Merchandise Silent Auction - Friday, 8-10pm: $0.00
Merchandise Silent Auction - Saturday, 12:30-3pm: $0.00
Merchandise Silent Auction - Saturday, 3-5pm: $0.00
Merchandise Silent Auction - Saturday, 5-7:30pm: $0.00
Merchandise Silent Auction - Saturday, 7:30-10pm: $0.00
Taste of Cordova Setup Serving - Saturday, 5:30-8pm: $0.00
Face Painting - Friday, 6-7:30pm: $0.00
Face Painting - Friday, 7:30-9pm: $0.00
Face Painting - Saturday, 1-3pm: $0.00
Slip & Slide - Saturday, 1-3pm: $0.00
Salmon Runs BBQ Set up, 0serve, clean up - Saturday, 4:00-6:30pm: $0.00
Salmon Runs BBQ ticket sales & clean up - Saturday, 4:00-6:30pm: $0.00
Salmon Runs BBQ Grilling - Saturday, 4:30-6:30pm: $0.00
Salmon Runs Finish Timers - Saturday, 2 hr shift TBD by race coordinator: $0.00
Salmon Runs Race Headquarters Clean up - Saturday, 1:30-2:30pm: $0.00
Salmon Runs Headquarters set up - Saturday, 8-9am: $0.00
Salmon Runs Registration Tables/T-shirt Sales - Saturday, 8-11am: $0.00
Salmon Runs Water Stations - Saturday, 2 hr shift TBD by race coordinator: $0.00

All Ages

Mt Eyak Ski Area<br> Ski Hill Road<br> Cordova, 99574





Friday, July 12th

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