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Wednesday, July 31st at 8:00pm CST
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The Winnebago
2262 Winnebago Street
Madison, WI 53704
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Jane and Brian Spencer of F I N K E L seem to arrive from the near future, or perhaps somewhere out there, appearing with a slight shimmer of a dimension adjacent to our own. With an atmosphere treading the periphery of pop, the duo’s tangible vocal presence overlays hypnotic electro pulsations in a combination that teases out details of last night’s otherworldly dreams and tempts the waking state to return to its astral analog.

Not quite definable by conventional genres, their avant-garde sensibilities will appeal to an audience seeking a respite from the pedestrian daily grind and typical expectations. There’s an enchanting quality that pervades the work of this singing and songwriting combo. Their lyrics explore themes of love and desire; understanding oneself and one another beyond surface qualities; and questioning the status quo. With every track, they’re suggesting we take another, closer look, because what we think we see and hear just might deserve inspection.

While it remains unclear where these two have been, it’s evident enough that they’re here now. She triggering a MIDI mixing board, he on guitar, their vocals intertwine with a shadowy fluidity that invokes notions of another time; perhaps the middle of next week. They sense you wondering what you’re doing then, and invite you back to the present with a wink.

A tale of two spirits unravels curiously from the seams of F I N K E L’s new singles. Their ethereal synthetic textures and rich vocal harmonies produce an aesthetic that grabs attention and gives it a nudge. The result somehow distills the mood of a strange day’s fleeting moments into a potent, lingering hex. Like the feeling of a passing glance with a mysterious stranger, we’re left assured we just encountered something ineffable, and wondering if someone else felt it too.

CULLAH was born on April 27th, 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the daughter of an Austrian gypsy-poet and the son of an Irish codebreaker. His mother was one of seventeen children in the Wolff Family Band and was classically trained in jazz music. His father is a mathematician and computer scientist raised on a Missouri farm, entranced with the Earth and the limits of the cosmos. With the juxtaposition of the two, Cullah was brought up with the awareness of the balance between the creative and logical aspects of natural law.

Cullah has been releasing his music, every year, in albums since 2006. He releases these albums every April 27th in reverence of the date of his own creation. Each album is an exploration into different styles and techniques reflecting that year’s essence in song. In 2021, Cullah will have an album for 50% of his life.

One part Jack White, one part Dan Auerbach and one part Jeff Buckley. I’m not sure there is a better pure vocalist in Milwaukee (or possibly even in the 500 mile radius). 


Close encounters with supernatural entities has gifted certain humans the ability to warp space-time and communicate with interplanetary beings. When their vibrations are summoned, these individuals join as one to produce HYPHERIA - this world's emissary into the unknown. Drawing inspiration from surrealism and the subconscious, Hypheria's signature alien funk combines elements of rock, jazz, and sound design.
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8:00pm to 11:00pm
Doors open at 7:00pm

General Admission: $10.00


The Winnebago<br> 2262 Winnebago Street<br> Madison, 53704

(608) 640-4380



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