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Live Webinar on How to Hire, Retain, and Grow a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce
Presented By Training Doyens
Tuesday, February 19th at 1:00pm EST
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Training Doyens
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STOP - Do not put out another hiring notice until you fully consider the ramifications of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 
Why is this important? First, if you have diverse customers, those customers will relate to the diverse employees helping them or selling to them. Second, to avoid a homogeneous culture where people want to fit in so desperately that they will not stick their necks out and make creative or out-of-the-box suggestions.

Before you hire, evaluate the people on your teams at the present time and consider what would make the team stronger, then write your hiring notice to ask for the qualities that need to be strengthened. Understand how to create an inclusive culture to retain those people with promise that just joined your company.

Inclusion means diverse others are part of the thought process of the company. They are permitted to be included in product and services discussions and goals that strengthen marketplace positions. The business case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is linked to positive employee experiences and increased employee engagement. By consciously mining the opinions of Gen Y or Gen X employees, Baby Boomers, new employees, and workers from diverse ethnic backgrounds, you are tapping into an amazing pool of thought processes, life experiences, personalities, and insights that help you make better decisions.

Use inclusion in your employee recruitment and retention strategies and diverse others will make amazing contributions to your company.


Attend this webinar, learn the secrets of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and your employees will be:

  • Absent less frequently 

  • More loyal 

  • Less likely to leave the organization

This program opens new vistas of inclusive approaches to ensure that diverse others work together synergistically. The principles covered in the webinar teach you how to:

  • Make inclusion a strategic action plan for moving the company forward

  • See beyond characteristics of diversity to observing and evaluating each employee’s strengths, talents and character gifts 

  • Engrain the abundance mentality into your workforce


From the hiring process to retention strategies, this webinar will teach you how to:

  • Write job descriptions that encourage diverse others to apply

  • Evaluate team needs for diverse personnel

  • Explain the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Dynamic principles of inclusion are taught detailing how to:

  • Permit individuals to be heard and contribute to the overall direction of the company

  • Allow individuals to surface their thoughts about the company without being threatened mentally or emotionally

  • Use the power of incentives and recognition to include every employee

  • Identify personality strengths

  • Use facilitation techniques in meetings to ensure all opinions are heard

  • Model emotionally intelligent interactions with others

  • Recognize unconscious bias when it surfaces

  • Be sensitive to cultural differences

  • Validate the unique characteristics each worker brings to the organization

Implement a culture of inclusion in your organization and increase innovation, productivity and discretionary effort.


Diversity, and not only of the standard diverse characteristics such as race, ethnic group, and gender, is a driving force for intelligent growth in your organization. It is important to hire people with diverse personalities, educations, life experiences, and thinking styles to ensure collaboration, avoid group think, and increase creativity.

Attend this webinar and learn how to create diversity in the workplace by hiring diverse individuals, retaining them, and including them in the inner circle of your company.


Executive level leaders, managers, directors, Vice Presidents, etc. at all levels of the organization. Titles include:

  • Human Resource Directors

  • Administrative managers and office managers 

  • Team leaders

  • Project managers

  • Engineering managers

  • IT managers

  • Sales managers

  • Customer service Managers

  • Marketing managers

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