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The Top 10 Strategies for Managing and Minimizing Interruptions In The Workplace
Presented By Training Doyens
Tuesday, October 23rd at 1:00pm EST
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Interruptions at work happen and there is also a link between workplace interruptions and employee productivity. While handling a wide variety of administrative tasks, you often have limited time to complete your work due to frequent interruptions.These interruptions can break your train of thought and slow your work pace and thus it’s important to know how to manage workplace interruptions.


In this webinar you will learn some strategies and some simple techniques formanaging interruptions in the workplace, create a win-win situation for both you and your boss, learn how to bounce back and refocus in order to be more productive.


  • What are Interruptions In Your Work Day

    • Identify Time Bandits

  • Your Attitude About Interruptions

    • Identify Your own attitude about managing interruptions in the workplace

  • How to Plan For It

    • Strategies for managing interruptions and distractions at work

  • How to Make it a WinWin;

    • How to Manage Your Relationships 

    • How to Work Effectively with a Micro Manager

    • How to Manage Work Requests Multiple Bosses

    • Learn How to say NO

    • How to set Expectations

  • Urgent versus Important

    • How to Prioritize

  • How to Refocus after being interrupted

    • Procrastination

    • Use Technology to become more organized and more productive


Anticipating the pressure and finding ways to redirect it in more meaningful directions so you can maintain control of your work and are efficient in managing interruptions and distractions at work.
How you are managing and minimizing interruptions in the workplace and what your strategies for handling them matter. 
It's critical to stay focused, not just for your own priorities but for those of the company as well.


  • CEO

  • Vice Presidents, Directors

  • Executive Director, Managing Director

  • Employment Managers, Supervisors

  • Employee Relations Professionals

  • HR Coordinators/Supervisors

  • Recruiters, HR Administrators

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Management Consultants

  • Shift Leaders

  • Sales & Marketing Professionals

  • Customer Service Professionals

  • Organizational development professionals

  • Development Directors

  • Employment specialists

  • Business owners and Everyone who is Employed


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