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Webinar on Preventing & Stopping Workplace Bullying: 7 Strategies that Work
Friday, September 7th at 10:00am PST
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Online Event
Fremont, CA 94539
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The TrainHR webinar is approved by HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider.

Overview: Imagine being the creator and producer of a nationally syndicated cable TV program and to have it stripped from you by a nefarious boss who stole, interfered, and expressly prevented you from doing your job.

In fact, imagine having a supervisor who demanded that employees pledge their loyalty, refused to give you the basic tools needed to do you're such as an office telephone and joked openly about humiliating other in front of guests. Finally, being fired replaced by a person without the experience to the job. This is what happened to Emelis Francesca Aleandri at City University of New York (CUNY) which resulted in a 1.4 million dollar settlement in 2005.

Bullying is no longer confined to school playgrounds or college fraternities. Today, workplace bullying has become a major issue in the workplace, and many Human Resources professionals are unaware of how to stop or prevent bullying from occurring. Often times, it is lump into the category of harassment in the workplace; however new research has shown that while harassment and bullying are similar, there is some distinguishing characteristics of bullying that may not exist in harassment cases. Similar to harassment it may be pervasive and hampers an employee’s ability to work in a hostile-free environment.

Unlike harassment, bullying often is a matter of power displacement and perceived control over the other personal psychological, and physiological well-being which if untreated can lead to further bullying in its frequency and severity which weakens the loyalty of employees. As an example, the National Bullying Prevention Center (2016), noted that "an act is defined as bullying when the behavior hurts, harms, or humiliates another person physically or emotionally. Those targeted by bullying behavior struggle to defend themselves and stop the action directed at them. There also is an "imbalance of power."

According to Harrison Psychological Associates, the estimated financial impact on business is about 180 million dollars over a two-year period of lost time and productivity.

Workplace bullying can be displayed in a number of behaviors ranging from constantly criticizing someone such as a coworker, gossip or posting negative and hurtful comments on social media to a supervisor belittling an employee in front of their peers.

Not to mention lost profitability to the bottom line. Leaders have a responsibility to keep employees safe - physically and psychologically. This training will help you to understand the signs of adult bullying; establish zero tolerance policies, train staff how to handle bullying in the workplace, and available resources to deal with the aftermath of being bullied by a co-worker and\or supervisor.

Why should you Attend: When employers condone or allow this behavior to exist either knowing or turning a blind eye to its ramifications, it can result in high turnover, low morale, increase disengagement which is currently at about 70 percent.

Externally, the stigma can result in decrease social goodwill, reputation, and high legal fees due to class-action lawsuits and governmental fines.

Other tangible expenses include but are not limited to retraining costs, increase in healthcare and mental health premiums, workers compensation, wrongful discharge, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Americans With Disabilities (ADA) claims due to stress-related illnesses.

If you are involved with managing people and have influences over the work that employees, contractors, and even volunteers do, then, this training will be a huge benefit to you and your staff by providing the skills, knowledge, and capabilities needed to advocate for and stop workplace bullying from happening.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • What is workplace bullying and how is it different from school bullying
  • Identifying types of workplace bullying and why it continues to be a problem
  • The cost and impact of not dealing with workplace bullying in a timely manner
  • How to Report Bullying and Feel Safe
  • 7 Effective Strategies to Prevent and Stop Bullying at Work

Who Will Benefit:
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Anyone who Work With Employees as Part of a Team or Remotely
Lyman A. Montgomery has over twenty- five years of HR experience in Employee Relations dealing with workplace issues and performance management. He is currently writing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in the area of focused employee engagement and sustained performance. Lyman is the president and CEO of Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC. He is the author of five books, two of which are bestsellers and conducts workshops and seminars at conferences all over the United States.

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