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DNS Exercise II, May 26-27 with Jana Vesela
Presented By Optimize Movement
Saturday, May 26th at 10:00am PST
Online sale ends: 05/26/18 at 9:00am PST
Body Kinetics
1530 Center Road
Novato, CA 94947
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Course Registration
Course Registration
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization...

  • Is coming to be known throughout the world as the most innovative and effective strategy for both sports performance enhancement and neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation.

  • Is a neuro-developmental approach to athletic performance and neuro-orthopedics that retrains the brain and nervous system’s control of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Exercise techniques “re-boot” faulty motor patterns by accessing ideal pre-programed motor patterns to create natural fluid movement guided by the central nervous system.

DNS Exercise II Course Objectives:

  • Review of developmental kinesiology in the context of adult optimal posture, sports performance, global motor patterns and the relationship to enhancing outcomes in sport and human movement.

  • Demonstrate exercises in higher developmental positions – tripod, bear, squat, lunge, step up and its modifications & training of body awareness.

  • Demonstrate exercises utilizing the principles of developmental kinesiology with elastic bands,barbells, weights, and gymball

  • Discuss & demonstrate DNS exercises for specific sport techniques: throwing, jumping, running, skating etc.



Saturday 10am-5:30pm
Sunday 9am-4pm

*Exact times subject to change

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Event starts at 10:00am
Doors open at 9:45am

General Admission: $590.00

All Ages

Body Kinetics<br> 1530 Center Road<br> Novato, 94947


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