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Saturday, May 13th at 7:30pm EST
Online sale ends: 05/13/17 at 6:00pm EST
Saco River Theatre
29 Salmon Falls Rd. (Mailing address: PO Box 661 Bar Mills, ME 04004)
Buxton, ME 04093
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Julia Reddy

​Saco River Theatre is proud to host this one-night-only production by the world-renowned Maine Lesbian Feminist playwright, Carolyn Gage, starring Julia Reddy.  THE SECOND COMING OF JOAN OF ARC is classic, and remains as funny, moving, scorching, challenging and inspiring as ever.  

Joan of Arc led an army to victory at seventeen. At eighteen, she arranged the coronation of a king. At nineteen, she went up against the entire Catholic church… and lost. Her trial lasted five months, and the testimony by witnesses was carefully transcribed by notaries. Twenty years after her death, a new trial was authorized, and again detailed records were kept. There was testimony by her childhood playmates, by her parents, by the women who slept with her, by the soldiers who served under her, by the priests who confessed her, by those who witnessed and administered her torture. She is the most thoroughly documented figure of the fifteenth century. So why do the myths about the simpleminded peasant girl, the pious virgin, still pervade the history books?

Joan was anorexic. She was a teenage runaway. She had an incestuous, alcoholic father. She loved women. She died for her right to wear men’s clothing. She was defiant, irreverent, more clever than her judges, unrepentant, and unfailingly true to her own visions. 

In The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, Joan returns to share her story with contemporary women. She tells her experiences with the highest levels of church, state, and military, and unmasks the brutal misogyny behind male institutions.  

There will be an audience talkback with Julia Reddy and Carolyn Gage after the performance.

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7:30pm to 9:30pm
Doors open at 7:00pm

General Admission: $20.00
Students and Seniors: $18.00


Saco River Theatre<br> 29 Salmon Falls Rd. (Mailing address: PO Box 661 Bar Mills, ME 04004)<br> Buxton, 04093



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