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A Streetcar Named Desire
March 4th - March 19th, 2016 CST
Online sale ends: 03/19/16 at 7:00pm CST
The Kaleidoscope
705 Main Street, Suite B
Houston, TX 77002
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A Lush New Production of “Streetcar” Comes to Houston this Spring!

Bayou City Theatrics constantly seeks to present “art from new perspectives.” In their spring offering of the Tennessee Williams play, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, Houston audiences will experience a whole new point of view on the classic drama. With in-depth direction by Travis Ammons and a lush design by Colton Berry, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE is "reborn" at The Kaleidoscope, March 4 through 20.

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE is a haunting and beautiful (and at times hysterical) play about two sisters, Stella Kowalksi and Blanche DuBois. Blanche’s life has led her to destitution and isolation and at the play’s beginning, she is moving in with her sister and her husband, Stanley Kowalski—into a cramped home where she doesn’t feel welcome. The memories of her past, however, are just as unbearable as her present circumstances so she must create a dream world of delusion, which becomes more than apparent in her outward behavior. 

Director Travis Ammons comments on the piece “Social circumstances in 1947 are shockingly similar to the issues we still face today. Viewers who haven’t seen or read the play before will be shocked that these social problems and world views that were held sixty-five years ago are still relevant to what’s happening in today’s day and age..."

He continues, “Blanche DuBois, probably one of the most famous characters in the entire history of theatre, spends the duration of the play descending and spiraling further and further into herself, her delusions [and] her lies...  Because of the play being produced so early in our modern history, many of the actions (especially the violence) were hidden or performed off-stage. In 2016, we don’t need to hide anything from the audience. As a director, I can allow the audience to see and feel... an experience unlike anything they’ve witnessed on stage before.... I plan to show... the stark realism that has been prevalent in some parts of this country for over three quarters of a decade (if not more)." 

On an opposite note, Ammons adds “In all of the productions of STREETCAR that I’ve seen, one major aspect is overlooked or simply ignored... the gut-busting hilarity that lies in this play.  It is an iconic piece of theatre for just this reason. If you want your audience to sink to the lows of your characters, you have to show them how ‘up’ or pleasant they are actually capable of being... We grow to love and hate these characters Williams’ created for us so long ago—love and hate and their toxic complications... That’s the key to this production and why I encourage all theatre fans in Houston to take in this classic this March at the Kaleidoscope!”

             A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE stars an incredible cast of local actors, led by Holly Vogt Wilkinson as Blanche Dubois, Chelsea Aldrich as Stella Kowalski, Bill Giffen as Stanley Kowalski and Jonathan Gonzalez as Harold "Mitch" Mitchell. The extraordinary ensemble of actors also features Leighza F. Walker as Eunice and John Patterson as Steve as well as Christian Briones, Sharonda Moore, Ian Hill, Taavi Mark, Rachel Dickinson and Avery Padilla, with appearances by Aaron Waldman and Ashley Frye.

The production runs Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm, March 4 through 20, at Bayou City Theatrics’ downtown theater, The Kaleidoscope (705 Main Street, Suite B, facing Capitol). Tickets are available for purchase ($30-$35) at www.BayouCityTheatrics.com, or by calling the Box Office 832.817.8656. Tickets are available at the door, although BCT encourages purchasing tickets in advance to secure seating in their intimate venue. Convenient cash parking is located less than one block away at the corner of Capitol & Fannin, in the SAKS’ garage.

Additional Information
Theater entrance is located on Capitol Street, between Main and Fannin. Convenient cash parking is located less than a block away at the corner of Fannin and Capitol in the SAKS' Parking Garage.

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8:00pm to 11:00pm
Doors open at 8:00pm

Premium: $35.00
Standard: $30.00


The Kaleidoscope<br> 705 Main Street, Suite B<br> Houston, 77002


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