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Planet Irth
Friday, April 22nd at 5:00pm PST - Sunday, April 24th, 2016
Online sale ends: 04/21/16 at 10:00pm PST
Eden Art Garden
Boulevard, CA 91905
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Irth, EyeOmega Productions idea of what our planet is here for. Irth represents freedom, a land where tribes exist to see themselves grow and expand as one, where radical self expression takes place on a whole nother level. Irth is here to provide a different experience, fueled with diverse music, mind expanding art, and PLURR mentality vibes :) Stepping out of society and into reality I simply state "Welcome, to Irth!"

Eye Omega's next desert gathering! A time filled with music, art, creation, expression, growth, amusement, and enjoyment! To be held at Eden: Art Garden Amusement Museum! Lineup & more information on its way!

Lineup: (More TBA)

Thee-O - https://soundcloud.com/thee-o

Margot LOX - Los Angeles, California https://soundcloud.com/margotlox

Mellinfunk - ADT Records, Valhalla Records US

BOH Curly - https://soundcloud.com/bohcurly http://www.lostkawzlifestyle.com/ differentdrumz.co.uk

Jon E Thin - https://soundcloud.com/jon-e-thin

DEVIOUS - Neverland, CA 805, Huglife/Coded Concept

DeeJay Holmes - https://soundcloud.com/user7614054 Rocket Events

DJ Jef Phillips - GoodVibe Fresh Entertainment https://soundcloud.com/jefphillips

Chris Hayden - DeepAura https://soundcloud.com/getfunktup

Deebin - https://soundcloud.com/deebin

Dj DRTY - Dub Chamber Records SOLID

Fill Fee - https://soundcloud.com/fillfee EyeOmega Productions

Darklord Gob - https://soundcloud.com/dark-lord-gob EyeOmega Productions

HighWater - https://soundcloud.com/highwater-2 EyeOmega Productions

Control - https://soundcloud.com/i_am_control

DJ Sammi B - https://soundcloud.com/djsammib1211

THΞ SΛLS - https://soundcloud.com/the-sals/ EyeOmega Productions

Sneetek - https://soundcloud.com/sneetek

Speaker Freak - https://soundcloud.com/speaker-freak-2

Tripsy - https://soundcloud.com/tripsymusic Pleasure

Kinohou - https://soundcloud.com/dj-kinohou Pleasure

Pro-k - https://soundcloud.com/pro-k-1 Pleasure

Lost In Time Music - https://soundcloud.com/lostintime-2 EyeOmega Productions

Alex Aleciohttps://soundcloud.com/alex_alecio Midnight Music Machine

M.R. Wizard - https://soundcloud.com/mr-wizardmusic

Horge - https://soundcloud.com/Horge-1

Almost Radical - https://soundcloud.com/almostradical

Cosmür - https://soundcloud.com/imcosmur


Pluvi - https://soundcloud.com/pluviofficial

Raul Irok Rios - https://soundcloud.com/raul-rios-3


MANIC Inc Co to provide some psychedelic art, dope tye-die, and of course amazing vibes.

Pangolin jewelry supplying fractalized phenomenons!

King Champion live psychedelic art.

Tea Punk tea lounge.

Items Not Allowed
weapons, bad vibes, anything illegal

Presented By

5:00pm to 8:00pm
Doors open at 5:00pm

General Admission: $20.00


Eden Art Garden<br> TBA<br> Boulevard, 91905