How To Create an Interactive Event Using Social Walls

Social walls are a modern day solution used by social media managers to enhance social interactions at get-togethers ranging from events to conferences, conventions and large scale meetings.  

If you are planning an event of any sort, the get-together will appear that much more successful with the use of social walls.  

Here’s why.

social walls at an event

Everything you need to know about social walls

The purpose of social walls is to encourage people to share posts and engage in the overarching marketing effort. 

This is somewhat of a covert means of promoting your event and your brand while boosting attendeeengagement. 

Ideally, your social wall will spur an emotional response with visual content that proves easily digestible and has true mass appeal across the many online social media platforms. 

In short, social walls are a display of social content, typically through a feed that is regularly updated with:

  • Posts
  • Pictures
  • Text/Tweets
  • Video content

The content displayed on social media walls is pulled from social media platforms ranging from Facebook to Twitter and beyond.

Use social walls in a strategic manner and those who attend your event will have a means of interacting with your unique brand and creating a visual footprint for the event in question, ultimately extending your reach beyond that which you could have attained through other means. 


Here's why social walls work

Social walls help your group bolster its following on the web, reinforce its online presence and engage those who attend your events. 

Ideally, the information added to your social wall will inspire social media users to share your information with those in their social circle, growing your event in an organic manner

This is the perfect way to expand your brand’s unique hashtags, ramp up momentum and ultimately boost up interest. 

social walls at MFDHA19 event

Part of the beauty of social walls is the fact that they contrast with conventional, in-your-face advertising. After all, most people are bombarded with an onslaught of overt advertisements on a daily basis

From TV commercials to radio ads, banner ads on the web and even vehicle “wrap” advertising, it appears we are constantly subjected to manipulative efforts to spend our money on various products and services. 

This is precisely why the comparably covert nature of social walls is so effective. 

Plenty of those who tune out traditional advertising will prove receptive to social walls simply because they feel more organic than the overly-salesy conventional outbound advertising methods.


How to host a social wall at your event

Social walls generate interest before and also during events. 

A large social wall strategically positioned in a highly visible area of your event will make the experience that much more engaging for attendees. 

Use your mind’s eye to envision a massive social wall live streaming social media posts from:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • A litany of additional social media platforms

A social media aggregator collects relevant content based on specific hashtags/handles from the many social media sites and displays them on the screen for attendees to see. 

This steady stream of social media content will keep your audience fully engaged, even if the speaker or other content presented is dry. 

Aside from captivating the audience, social media walls also catalyze the dialogue. 

examples of social walls for events

The information presented on this gigantic screen will inspire people to spark up conversations with others during and after the event. 

Such word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable as it is no-cost advertising that will attract that many more people to your even tin the years to come.

Part of the challenge of implementing social walls at events is selecting a social media aggregator.


How to select your aggregator

Choose the wrong social media aggregator and it will be that much more difficult to properly filter/moderate the content shown on the social wall screen. 

The last thing you want is for inappropriate content to be displayed to your event-goers.  Ideally, the social media aggregator you select will ensure those who attend the event can contribute to the event’s social wall. 

The best social media aggregators provide analytics that offer valuable insights into the social wall performance. 

These analytics gauge user engagement level, highlight the most influential participants and ultimately quantify the social wall’s return on investment. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best social wall programs:


tagg box tool for social walls

  • Taggbox: This social media display tool generates visually striking social walls that can be displayed with ease at events and other spaces. 

    Taggbox aggregates and shows relevant social media in real-time, drawing content from numerous of social media platforms for optimal engagement. 

    Taggbox’s wide array of customization options and in-depth analytics combined with its intuitive user experience design will appeal to every event host. tool for social walls

  • Some top tech titans including Cisco, Google and Adobe use this social wall aggregator. is affordable and comprehensive, providing support for more than a dozen social media platforms. bonus features include the ability to post by way ofFacebook Messenger and a handy social map.

Everwall for social walls of Bio2015 event

  • Everwall: This social media platform is used by over 25,000 organizations, including some of the world’s top brands. The program’s straightforward user experience design flattens out the learning curve for event hosts, even if they have limited tech knowledge.


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