4 Event Promotion Apps Every Budget Planner Needs to Be Using

In the events industry, you always have to be on top of your game.

You need to know where customers are actively looking for events, and you need to find a way to get in front of their faces on every app and on every platform they use.

The difficulty of finding these customers multiplies for free and low-cost events.


People love free events, but event planners also love throwing free events.

If you type “free events” into Google, you’re going to be hit with 15,540,000,000 results. Ranking on that list is going to be a nightmare.

Don’t worry!

You don’t have to rank in that mess. Instead, you can focus on finding customers where they’re at. We'll show you these 4 event discovery apps that customers love to use to find free and low-cost events.


1. Meetup

Want to learn how to cook?

You can find a Meetup group for that. Want to throw a killer free event, but you can’t find the audience? 

Create a Meetup group so people can find you.

Looking for other event planners to connect with and share strategies? Yup! You can find Meetup groups for that too.


hand holding a mobile phone with Meetup on the screen

Meetup is the unsung hero of the events industry. You can create a group for anything. And that includes your fantastic event; free or paid.



2. SongKick

Are you throwing together a concert?

SongKick should be your go-to app always and forever.

This site is filled with local concerts and, more importantly, it’s filled with over 15 million people LOOKING for concerts.

The news loves to talk about the fact that the restaurant industry is booming ,but let’s be honest,  the restaurant industry is booming for major artists.


three mobile phones showing Songkick app on the screens


Throwing a concert for a smaller, local band can still be challenging. So SongKick helps you get that quick exposure you deserve in your local area. 


3. Eventful

Eventful is an app for... well... events. And it should definitely be on your radar. Over 22 million people use Eventful to find events.

If you aren’t using event apps, you should be. 75% of event marketers already plan on using event apps to help them pack events.

Eventful app homepage

And 91% of the event marketers who have already adopted apps into their marketing strategy report a positive ROI.

So, why not get your event in front of 22 million people?

What do you have to lose?
Events posted on Purplepass will be automatically syndicated and published all across the internet through Eventful to event listing sites, local newspapers, etc.

So by posting an event on Purplepass you are posting on Eventful as well. 


4. Field Trip

Do you remember the exciting field trip days?

As adults, the events industry fills that field-trip-sized hole in our hearts. And that’s exactly what the app Field Trip is all about — adult field trips.

To be clear, you can find almost any event on Field Trip, but it really caters to historical sites, art exhibits, and things of that nature.


three mobile phones showing Field Trip on screens


But, if your event involves art, history, food, or fun — you can definitely join in on the app. Forget growing up. Field trips rock! Good luck!

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