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Box Office Solutions

Whether you like the traditional paper list or fancy the use of professional wireless scanners, iPad based POS terminals, and mission-critical onsite redundancy servers, Purplepass has you covered. Our iPhone based wireless scanners are simple to use, battery operated, and even have built-in Verizon internet which allow you to create completely mobile points of admission.


Cloud based




Our web-based box office solution allows you to use any laptop, netbook, or computer to scan tickets, check in will call, look up orders, void/replace tickets, sell at the door via cash/credit, view real-time admission stats, and even print tickets and receipts on Epson receipt printers and/or Boca ticket printers.

iPad based mobile POS terminals are available as well which create the ultimate combination of power and simplicity – With a built-in ticket scanner, credit card reader, and Verizon 4G internet, you can setup the ultimate user friendly box office that is the truly mobile.

Since the entire system is cloud-based, everything talks to everything.  This allows you to setup any combination of options to create a truly customized solution.  You can setup a mix laptops and iPads to run the box office, scan tickets using the professional wireless scanners, and even view real-time sales and admission stats from anywhere in the world through the website or your Purplepass app on your phone.

Smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices are also available for free on the App Store and Google Play. You can look up orders, admit guests, view real-time admission stats, and by using your phone’s camera, you can even scan tickets.


Centralized Guest list Management

When your event comes around, everyone seems to be your best friend.  Easily manage your guest list for friends, family, media, artists, production, staff, and even volunteers.  Add them to the will call list or instantly email them their tickets, allowing your guests to go directly to the entrance and allowing you to completely do away with a guest list window at your event.  You can even delegate access to team members so they can manage the guest list.

Season Passes &
Series packages

Flexible season & series pass features allow you to create any sort of package offer you can imagine. You can control exactly how revenue is distributed across the events, assigned seating is fully supported, and you can event allow guests choose their own show times for each of your productions. These are critical features for theatres and performing art centers. If you are organizing a multi-day event or set of events, these tools allow you to create any sort of custom package or pass you can imagine.


Coupon/Promo Codes

You can create a wide variety of coupon/discount codes including fixed price discount, percentage discount, combo deals (e.g. Buy 1 get 1 free), or even tracking-only codes. There are advanced options as well such as limiting the number of times a code can be used, requiring a min/max number of tickets, restricting to certain ticket types, setting when the coupons will be valid or expire, and even have discounts automatically trigger when criteria is met. There is no limit to the number of codes you can create.


Telephone Support

Your customers will be able to call 24/7/365 for customer support and to place orders over the phone.  You even have the ability to pass information to the telephone support staff so they are knowledgeable about the specifics for your event.  For example, let’s say the main street leading to the venue was closed for construction.  You can pass a note onto the phone support staff to let them know to tell customers they should take an alternative route.

Integrated Ticket Widgets

  • Single event
  • Listing
  • Calendar
  • Guest list widget
  • Shopping cart functions
  • 14 color themes
  • Copy & paste – Simple dimple!
  • Ability to track sales through each widget separately

One of our most loved features is our fantastic set of website widgets. By copying and pasting a few lines of code, you can fully integrate ticket sales directly on your website. Powerful customization options are available including multi-widget shopping cart functions, customer tracking features, plus 14 different color themes. Customers will be able to make a selection, complete the purchase, and download their tickets all without ever leaving your website.


Advanced ticketing options

  • Auto-updating ticket prices

  • Pass on facility fee

  • Pass on sales tax

  • Set min/max ticket requirements

  • Custom sales dates for individual tickets

  • Custom status