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Selecting the format of your custom questions at checkout

The custom questions options are: Text, text (multiple lines), dropdown, checkbox (multiple answer), checkbox (single answer), date, and info. 

If you want to choose the format type used for customer questions at checkout, follow these steps: 

1. Log in to the Purplepass promoter dashboard

2. Select “Create New Event” in the top navigation bar or edit an existing one
create new event

3. Scroll down to the “Additional Options” section under “Create New Event”

Select the box titled “Add questions to ask during check out

Click the plus icon “Add check out question

This is where you can add checkout questions.

A pop-up window will open titled “Create a Custom Question”

4. Select where the question should be asked (ie; box office or online)

5. Add your question to the “Question to ask” box

6. Choose how many times the question is asked at checkout by selecting the appropriate option under “Question to ask”

This box is where you select how you want to ask your questions.

7. Under “Question type” click the drop-down menu and select the appropriate choice.

This is the dropdown menu where you can add different questions.

The text option allows you to enter a single text question. 

The multiple-line text option allows you to type several questions or a complex question with more than one sentence.

There is also the option to add a drop-down style question, a checkbox with a single answer and a multiple answer checkbox option (for multiple answer options or choices).

You can also ask the customer for a birthday or particular date relevant to the event as well as other information, which creates pop-up text relevant to the ticket sale.

Click the purple “Save Question” button at the bottom of the screen to save your question.