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Steps for generating a tracking report

To generate a tracking report, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard
  2. Select the “Tools” tab at the top in the navigation bar
  1. Click “Custom Reporting” in the left navigation bar or the box on the main pageThis is the main page for custom reporting.
  2. For the “Step 1: Select Type of Data” drop-down menu, select “Marketing Data”
  1. For “Step 2: Select Information to Include”, select the information you want to include in the report. The two choices are “Tracking Codes” and “Traffic Source”.
  1. For “Step 3: Limit Results by”, you can filter the data you receive by the event and date range or show all data
  2. For “Step 4: Select Time Zone”, select your time zone
  3.  Click the purple “Generate Report” button at the bottom of the screen. An Excel spreadsheet with the requested data will be generated.