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Creating a direct link to your event using a shortcut URL

Whether you are advertising your event online or offline, it is important to try setting an easy-to-remember URL link to your ticket page so your customers will remember.

When posting your event, you can enter a Shortcut URL that links directly to your ticket page (for example This makes it easy for customers to remember where they can buy tickets for your event. For more information on creating tracking links for an event, click here.

How to create a shortcut URL

You can also create a shortcut URL when you’re creating the event by going to the My Events tab at the top of the navigation menu, and clicking the edit tab to the right of the event you're working on. 

Under the section titled The Basics there is a box labeled

This is where you can post your new tracking link for your event.
  1. Enter whatever you want the shortcut URL to be. Examples of what can be done are abbreviations of your event title with the year, the full event title, or a main performer’s name.
  2. Click the purple Update Event button at the top of the screen to save your changes