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Allow individual partners access when creating an event

If you want to add individual partners access or revoke access to partners while creating an event, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Purplepass event organizer dashboard
  2. Click Create New Event at the top of the navigation bar
Create New Event UPDATE
  1. A pop-up carousel will appear with three different options. Select One Time Event.
  1. Scroll to the Additional Options section of the event creation page
  2. Check the Assign partners and 3rd party payout options
This is where you can control individual partners access by adding your 3rd party payout section.
  1. Below, you can check and uncheck partners you want to allow or deny access. If they were allowed access to all events, they will automatically be added on here.
  2. Once the box to enable access to a partner is checked, additional options with checkboxes will appear below
  1. Check the options you want this partner to have access for your event. NOTE: Remember, the boxes for the View Privileges section only allows them to see the information. If the Edit Privileges box is checked, they can also make changes to that item.

If the Manage Guest List box is checked, the partner can add and delete guests. You can limit the number of guests they can add by entering a value in the box titled Maximum number of guests this partner can add to the guest list. 

Below is the box titled Force all guest list entries to be deducted from inventory. If you check that box, the guests added by the partner will be deducted from the number of tickets available for the event. If you leave this box blank and check the next box titled Partner may exceed venue capacity or available ticket type quantity, the guest list won't count towards ticket quantity.

Settings for This event is presented by

For the box titled This event is also presented by ________, you can check the box to have this information appear on the event. Once you check the box, a blue link will appear below titled Edit display options and assign order of _______.

Once you click that link, a pop-up window appears with the option to add the entity or people presenting the event. If you check the box titled Do not show as presented by _______, no information will appear on the event. If you uncheck the box, a pop-up window appears with options to add as Presented by ______. There will be one or more options available, and you can rearrange the order they appear with the arrows on the left of the name, or you can delete them. 

Once you're finished adding the presented by information, click the purple Save button at the bottom of the pop-up window to save each individual partners access. 

The last checkbox box, titled Issue settlement payment directly to _______, allows you to send event revenue/ticket sales revenue to this person or entity.