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Ohio Dreams Sports and Music Fest
Presented By Ohio Dreams Inc
Friday, August 19th at 3:00pm EST - Sunday, August 21st, 2016
Online sale ends: 08/19/16 at 2:00pm EST
Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp
3495 Tugend Rd
Butler, OH 44822
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Buy Tickets
Ohio Dreams is an Action Sports Facility.  Action Sports (and all sports) including, Skateboarding, Bicycling, Dodgeball, Whiffleball, Volleyball and use of The Slip N Fly are potentially dangerous and my cause serious injury.  Entrance and participation are at your own risk. 

Don't forget! This will be our annual Sports and Music Fest, (SAM Fest) which means you can bring your Skateboard or BMX, or 26" DJ Bikes and enjoy any of our Skateparks, Jump Trails or BMX Tracks.  Please do not enter or use sport areas unless you are participation in a sport.

Tickets will be available to members of our Facebook group from Oct. 1 - Nov. 1.

Any tickets remaining will be available to the public on Nov. 1.

They will sell out so be sure to get yours before they are gone.

Remember this is a BYOB and 21+ party.

2016 Dates: August 19-21

New for 2016
Better Spaced out Camp Sites
More ammenities - From Food Vendors to Porta Potties to Firewood, we are making the event better
More activities - Adding more sports; Dodgeball Tournament, More Beach Volleyball, More games to be announced.
New Music Format:  DJ's at the pool during the day.  Live Band after the Pool closes.
Silent Disco 

Ticket Information
On-Sale Date: Oct. 1, 2014. 12:00pm (noon)
Available Tickets: 1500
Cost: $100/ea (Before April 1, 2015, any remaning tickets on/after April 1, 2015 will be $125)

Tickets are for the entire event, no matter when you are able to make it. There will be no "one day passes" sold.

Important Ticket information
Tickets will be emailed to you.  They are transferable.  There will be a new check-in system that will include a more in-depth waiver system.  We are working on speeding up check in line to go as fast as possible, especially on Friday afternoon.

Refunds / Transfers
Tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable. 

Festival Schedule

Gate Rules:
No State/Federal ID, No entrance, No exceptions
Gates will close at night, nobody is permitted on/off the property except in the case of an emergency in which our security will open the gate. If you are unable to arrive before the gate closes, you will not be allowed in until the gate opens on the following morning. Please plan accordingly.

Friday, Aug 19
Gates Open: 3:00pm
Gates Close: 10:00pm (if you are unable to check in before this time please check in Saturday Morning.)
Slip N Fly Hours: 3:00pm - Dark
Music: There will be DJ music through-out the day and a live performance at night.
Silent Disco

Saturday, Aug 20
Gates Open: 9:00am
Gates Close: 10:00pm
Slip N Fly Hours: 9:00am - Dark
Volleyball Tourney: Details to be announced
Music: There will be DJ music through-out the day and a live performance at night.
Silent Disco

Sunday, Aug 21
Sunday Bloody Sunday! 
Be sure to bring your own Bloody Mary's (as we don't serve alcohol) to the pool Sunday Morning for some rehab, mellow music and of course to watch the brave and highly energetic continue to hit the Slip N Fly.

Gates Open: 9:00am
Gate Close: 3:00pm
Slip N Fly Hours: 9:00am - 2:00pm


You must have proper ID to get in. 21 and over only. No ID, No entrance, No exceptions.

This event is meant to be a good, positive time. The best way to ensure this happens is to respect each other and our facility. Violence and/or vandalism with result in an immediate ejection from the property.

Please be patient in the car line
We will be checking people in at the gate as fast as we can and directing them to the appropriate parking areas. If you are able to, please CAR POOL to save space, time and congestion. Overnight parking along public roads is not permitted. Please follow the signs located along the highways as you near the site.

Vehicle Inspection
Weapons are not allowed on our property. Once you enter our property we will be randomly searching vehicles before they are checked in. If you refuse to allow us to search your vehicle, you will not be admitted.

Parking - Be prepared to hike
Parking will be a separate area from camping. Vehicles will not be allowed to drop anything off at the camping area, nor allowed to drive anywhere in or on the facility other than the parking lot.

Wrist bands
Wrist bands will be given out to all entrants at the gate. These wrist bands must be worn at all times, if you are found without a wristband you will be asked to leave the facility by our security.

Aerial Drones
No Aerial Drones are allowed to be used without our express written permission and business liability insurance.

Pets/animals are not allowed. If you are found with a pet, you will be asked to leave the facility.

Food / Vendors
You are allowed to bring your own food, we will have food vendors on site and a water station.

Campfires will be allowed, please exercise proper caution. You may bring your own firewood, but we will be selling wood as well at our concession stand.

Camping is included in the price of your tickets. Camping areas are first come / first served. Please be respectful of all campers. Camping is very primitive.

We will have separate parking for RV’s/Campers, it will be in the parking lot area and not near the tent campers, tents will not be permitted around RV’s/Campers as we may have to park tight due to space restraints.

There will be no Alcohol sold or provided by Ohio Dreams at any time. Attendees are allowed to bring their own Alcohol. Please remember this is a 21 and over event.

Exit Gates
Anyone wishing to leave the festival may do so at anytime. Please remember that we are located on a narrow back road and there will be high amounts of congestion until everyone is checked in. We recommend stopping at our local gas station or dollar store to pick up any last minute supplies before you arrive. State law prohibits anyone from leaving the festival with any opened container. Please discard them in the trash before entering or leaving the venue.

For Safety's Sake
Our annual rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment:
Absolutely NO glass containers, metal flagpoles, firearms, fireworks, motorized all-terrain vehicles, motorized carts or dollies are permitted. Vehicles will not be allowed out of the parking area.
Fire lanes must remain free and clear of all objects, obstructions and vehicles.
Unauthorized vehicles in these lanes will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Designated Drivers
Ohio Dreams supports the Designated Driver concept! We urge you to decide in advance who will be your group’s designated driver. PLEASE: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

The weather is usually sunny, with temperatures in the high 80’s. We advise you to use lots of sunscreen and drink plenty of water! Be prepared for sudden summer rains. The show will go on if at all possible! If the conditions deteriorate to the point that the public’s safety is at risk, the show may be delayed or canceled for that day. Please listen to the directions given by announcers and security during such times.

Security personnel are on duty around the clock throughout the grounds for the entire event. Your cooperation with them is greatly appreciated! Please report any incident to an Event Staff employee.

First Aid
The Medical Station is located on the main hill under the green dome tent and is staffed and equipped to handle minor injuries. An emergency squad will be called for all other accidents and other emergencies. Over the counter medicines will not be provided at the Medical Facility.

We respect the law at Ohio Dreams. All local, state and federal laws are to be obeyed.
Use of any illegal drugs, drunken and/or obnoxious behavior and activities will not be tolerated.
All persons attending the Ohio Dreams Music Fest do so at their own risk. No liability is assumed by owners, managers, promoters, sponsors or others.
Please do not trespass, litter or block our friendly neighbor’s driveways.
Anyone found to be in violation of any law or regulation may be subject to prosecution and will be evicted from the event without refund of your ticket.

For health and safety reasons, please contain all trash in plastic bags and receptacles.

Can I use my generator?
Please be considerate of your fellow campers. Generators may be run between 7am and midnight and must be attended while operating. Unattended running generators will be shut down.
Items Not Allowed
Not Allowed: Fireworks, Firearms, Weapons, Glass containers, Pets, Dogs, Animals, Motorized Vehicles, ATV's, Golfcarts, Minibikes.

Presented By

3:00pm to 3:00pm
Doors open at 3:00pm

General Admission: $125.00


Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp<br> 3495 Tugend Rd<br> Butler, 44822


Friday, August 17th

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Saturday, August 26th

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