Purplepass is here to make your school-based ticketing easier than ever. With educational programs, hosting a variety of different event types, we can customize our software for any event; sporting games, theatre, courses, exams, educational programs, lectures, etc.

Our software can interact with your users by creating student discounts through ID cards, provide transactions and summary data for any exam refunds that might be needed, and season passes for family and friend attendees year round.

Our assisted training options makes it easy for volunteers, parents and students to sell tickets at the gate. Not only do you have full equipment access but on-site servers to keep everything running and connected wherever you are! These servers power all of your box office terminals at your gate without the need of internet and also connects to the Purplepass Pro app available on all smartphones!


Wireless Scanners

With people at the gate, it makes sense to take advantage of our wireless scanners that aren’t limited to the front desk. Your volunteers can go throughout the lines and scan people into the event ahead of time with scanners that can last 5-10 hours at a time.

Web Based Software

Our software gives you the freedom to control and customize your event, making it 100% your own. Through your promoter account you have total control over all of your events, real-time sales and guest list alerts, reporting and marketing tools, integration options and other customization features.

Unique Student IDs To Purchase

Similar to using coupon codes, event promoters can upload any list they want and require their codes to be used to purchase tickets. If you are hosting an educational event, you can use student ID numbers as these codes to personalize the ticket buying experience. Here is an example of how it works: As part of the curriculum, a teacher is requiring their students to attend at least one performing arts show per semester. The students can then use their student IDs to redeem a free ticket and after the show teachers can run a report to not only see which students got tickets but also to double check and make sure they attended (their ticket was scanned). We’ve had several schools successfully implement this to make it easy for students to get their tickets and a solid way to identify who is and isn’t showing up. This can also be used for graduation ceremonies, allowing students to purchase tickets for the ceremony or share their student ID so family and friends can use their code to get their free tickets fast and easy.

USB Credit Card Swipes

We know the ability to control how all payments are processed is a top priority for our event promoters. That is why we offer USB credit card swipes that can be plugged into your computer port or used with our desktop box office applications to give customers the ability to swipe their cards.

Assigned Seating

Performing arts and theater events commonly face the question of having assigned seating or not. Most of our clients move forward in building a seating map so guests can choose their seats ahead of time. Purplepass will design your maps for free and help give your guests a high-level visualization of where they will sit the day of the event, guaranteeing them a spot with their loved ones.


Instead of turning to expensive services to manage your volunteers’ registration and schedules, we can do it for you. By using our free event option, you can create a volunteer event and allow them to register through Purplepass with NO extra charges. After becoming familiar with your Purplepass account, it makes sense to create a free event where you can control all the information for your volunteers and create a sign-up sheet online for everyone’s convenience. Each event you create can also include ticket types with job labels and time slots that people can sign up for. Each time slot and job (ticket type) can be limited so it will fill up when everyone has taken the jobs and scanned later at the event site to keep track of attendance.

Ticket Widget

No one likes to jump from page to page just to find what they are looking for. With our ticket widgets, you can put the buying process directly into your own website so guests can purchase their tickets without ever being redirected to somewhere else. Just copy and paste a few lines of code into your website and you are all set. No programming skills needed and our widgets work on every type of website platform.

  • Easy check-in/fast

  • School dances, sporting events, field trips, theatre


  • Student discounts


  • Use study id card for scanning


  • Seating chart for family

  • Easy training for volunteers & family

  • Different discount options and season passes

  • Instant attendance look up

  • Works on mobile devices

  • Great for relatives coming from out of town

  • Students can run the system