New Facebook integration (2013)

Advanced Facebook Features

We are very excited to announce yet another set of fantastic features that will help you become an even better event organizer. You can now request or even require your guests to "Like" you on Facebook before they can purchase tickets. You can also give them the option to share with their friends on Facebook that they just purchased tickets to your event. However, the feature we are most excited about is the option to be automatically checked in on Facebook at your event when their ticket is scanned in at the door!

To activate this feature, simply enable it under the "Additional Options" section when creating or editing your event. Please note that if your Facebook page does not have a valid physical address, the option to automatically check in guests will be disabled (marked in red). To see how well these Facebook features are working for you, you can view full stats on the new "Social Marketing" tab in the stats section. If you need any assistance, please let us know at


USPS First Class
We've recently added USPS First Class as a new delivery option. Now your guests can choose to have physical tickets printed and mailed to them in a regular stamped envelope. The best part about this is the USPS First Class delivery option is completely free!


Refunding Orders
Now you can quickly refund orders directly from your account. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to issue a refund to a guest, you can now go to the Search Orders section, find the order, and issue a refund.


Updated Ticket Widget
We know a lot of you love your ticket widget! We've just released several updates which will ensure seamless integration on your site and that it will work perfectly in all browsers and devices. In addition to the general improvements, we've also added full support for PayPal through the ticket widget as well as all of the new Facebook features such as sharing with friends and requesting to Like your page.

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