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NEOCOCOON presents a Neo Sapiens & Electric Cocoon production: BROWN VORTEX "The Rebirth": - Halloween Weekend 2015 - Music Zen Ideas
Friday, October 30th at 8:00pm PST - Sunday, November 1st, 2015
Online sale ends: 10/30/15 at 7:00pm PST
Vortex Ranch
To be released day before the event =)
Apple Valley, CA 92307
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NeoCocoon's Mission is to foster our communities' deepening transformation by generating awareness of what we can do individually and collectively.  We create, organize, and produce events, gatherings, and festivals with a focus on showcasing metamorphic music, innovative art, and interactive experiences.  We collaborate to build a platform for free and open self expression.  We are inspired by Creative People in all Sustainable Practices, specifically those with Evolutionary Knowledge.  This knowledge is shared by our Teachers, Ecologists, Researchers, Scientists, Activists, Artists, Musicians and others who have poured their hearts into their skills..  As we share our ideas and lend our talents with one another, our cocoon grows. Within the safety of this space opportunities open for all involved to find their niche, grow, flourish, and make a living doing what they really love.  We aim to co-create a positive, safe, and enriching environment for our participants, crew, family, friends and visitors - and for you to emerge from our cocoon metamorphised into something even more special than before.

NeoCocoon ignites and breaks through a mixed-up, multi-sound, and arts experience, that bridges dimensions and realms that excite and uplift the heart for full power and brilliance of abstract, psychedelic, surreal and organic creation for our community to explore and enjoy. NeoCocoon incorporates diverse styles of music and art, because we love to intertwine different types of people and flavors. We encourage meaningful, galvanizing interactions between artists, musicians, djs, and the general public.
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THE RYTHYM METHOD >>>>>>>>>>THE RYTHYM METHOD<<<<<<<<<<<< (or 13 keys to Desert Mindfulness) 1. Vehicle: Take care of any maintenance/servicing needed before. Check that the fluids are full and not leaking. Make sure that the car contains a spare tire, jack, tools, and a flashlight. Have the registration and license up to date. 2. Clothing: Summer and Winter wear (no matter what the weather is like at “home”), hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 3.Water & food: enough for an additional two days (you may stay by choice or circumstance). <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<WHAT TO BRING?>>>>>>>>>>>>> Essential Packing List ~HOME / TENT~ -Air Mattress or other soft surfaces including pillows and blankets for night. -Shade over your tent and shared spaces. -Chairs -Trash and recycling bags ~BODY~ HEALTHY FOOD & WATER -Drink lots of water! Keep an eye out for early signs and symptoms of dehydration -Sunscreen, Lip balm w/ sun protection/ coconut oil -Personal toiletries – toothbrush, tooth paste, feminine products, towel, etc. -Baby wipes are a good substitute for a shower (remember, pack it in pack it out!) -Hand sanitizer -Earplugs -Sunglasses -Extra Contact lenses, and eye drops -Aloe in case you get burned -Allergy medication / Prescription medication ~CLOTHES~ -Hats and sunglasses -Cool clothes for the day – long sleeve cotton to block the sun -Scarves and bandanas (great when dipped in cold water) -Warm clothes for the night -Comfy shoes and sandals -Costumes and fun outfits. It's Halloween!!! ~KITCHEN~ Extra Water to clean dishes with -Cooler -Reusable water bottle/canteen, cups, plates, and utensils, etc. -Trash/recycling bags -Biodegradable soap -Cookware -Propane/Solar/Hydrogen/Love powered stove -Your favorite foods (Options, we will have tons of yummy food vendors onsite) ~TOOLS~ -Flash light / headlamp -Camera (label it with your name and contact info) -Trash and recycling bags -Gloves, tape, rope, zip ties, etc. -Stakes to secure your tent and shade structure to the ground 4. Stealth: Be low-key when “near” the vicinity of the gathering. Make any fuel, food, and rest stops prior to the last. 5. Speed: Mind it. Dust clouds attract attention, animals may cross your path, and road hazards might have developed (ruts, sand, water). 6. Trash: Contain it. Keep the area around your camp tidy. Bag all spent bottles and cans. Collect any refuse. We are a Leave No Trace Event! What you bring in, you take out! We will have a group of Recepticons making sure the land is respected. 7. Cigarette butts: Put used cigarettes in tins, baggies, or pockets. Cigarette butts are toxic to the environment and blemish the land. 8. Exploring: Stay on established trails. Keep the site in sight. Stay within the “sound”. If going on a further hike, go in a group, take water, food, warm clothing, a signal device, and let others know which direction you will be heading. If Search & Rescue is employed to find you, give word to all parties (Sheriff, friends, family) when you are safe. 9. Native critters: Do no harm, but, be aware that some can harm you. 10. Environment: Be delicate and leave no trace. 11. Trash (pt. 2): Pick up trash that you may encounter far from the gathering. It might have been there for years, interrupting the flow of nature. Rusty, bullet ridden cans make for cool souvenirs. Think of how much nicer the walk would’ve been had you not encountered trash, make it a better Desert experience for future folk.We expressly state that all of our events are Leave NO Trace, and it is our intention to Leave It Better than we found it. We enter into nature with appreciation and humility. Respecting the land we are granted to share these experiences is of utmost importance. We are visitors on this Planet, and it is critical to understand that our presence DOES impact the ecology. Our actions and choices determine whether that impact is in harmony with nature, or not. Let’s make Balanced Evolution the name of the game and discover how to lessen our footprints. *PACK IN/PACK OUT: Everything you bring with you onto the Mountain must also leave with you. Luckily we are providing recycling bins for cans and plastic ONLY. Bring extra garbage bags, and leave space in your car for full trash bags. *CIGARETTE BUTTS: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bring a small container (box, mini m&ms, etc) and put all spent cigarettes into said container than back into your pocket. Cigarette butts are toxic to the environment. If you smoke, take responsibility and do not force your friends to pick up after you. *ALTARS/STACKS: Please mind the altar space and do not place bottles/cans/etc onto them. The SPEAKERS are NOT a table, do NOT rest any drinks on them. *The dance floor is not a wasteland.. Please take ALL trash you see off the grounds areas. Thank You! 12. Officials: Be respectful to BLM agents, Sheriffs, and Border Patrol, they are doing their job. Demonstrate that you are good stewards to the land. Be in control, polite, helpful, and properly vague. 13. Count your Blessings.

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8:00pm to 4:00pm
Doors open at 8:00pm

General Admission: $20.00

All Ages

Vortex Ranch<br> To be released day before the event =)<br> Apple Valley, 92307



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