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HEALTHY HABITS: Nutrition, Cooking, Herbalism, Yoga & QiGong
Presented By Integrated Healing
February 10th - April 28th, 2014 PST
Online sale ends: 04/07/14 at 6:00pm PST
Integrated Healing
4906 NE 22nd Ave
Portland, OR 97211
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Healthy Habits Course Turns Resolutions into Results


A Practical Course in Nutrition, Cooking, Herbalism, Yoga & QiGong

Mondays weekly (1/13/14-4/28/14)

7:00-9:00 pm

Integrated Healing Studio

4906 NE 22nd Ave; Portland 97211

In this 16 week course (broken into four interdependent sections), a team of nutritionists, chefs, herbalists, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, yoga and QiGong teachers will help you learn and sustain nutritional, exercise, and herbal strategies for addressing your specific wellness challenges and goals.

RSVP/INFO:  Call Bart at 503-223-8822 x1 or

STRONG DIET & EXERCISE HABITS ARE THE FOUNDATIONS OF HEALTH:  We all know we need to create and sustain healthy habits of eating, sleeping, and exercise.  But many of us are too stressed or busy to learn and sustain good habits.  Sometimes we make New Year’s resolutions,  join a gym or try a fad diet, but we fail because we lack the sustained, experienced support and accountability we need to break bad habits and sustain new ones.  This puts us at high risk for chronic pain and illnesses: digestive problems (excess weight/obesity,  acid reflux, ulcers, irritable bowel), heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, arthritis, allergies, back pain, etc.

WHAT MAKES THIS COURSE WORK:  Numerous studies show you are much more successful creating and sustaining new diet and exercise habits when you have the following practical supports provided by the Healthy Habits Course:

  • ASSES YOUR BASELINE:  help documenting your current diet & exercise strengths & challenges; we’ll help you track

    • how many high carb dishes you eat daily

    • how many high nutrient dishes you eat daily

    • when you eat (regular meal times promote health)

    • how much you exercise

    • how much sleep you’re getting

  • SET GOALS:  help setting doable, measurable eating & exercise goals

  • INTERDISCIPLINARY EXPERT EDUCATION & SUPPORT:  weekly support of a group of experienced, inter-disciplinary experts to help you learn and adapt very specific diet and exercise strategies tailored to your goals and abilities

  • PEER SUPPORT:  the opportunity to have a peer support team and to help and be helped by peers sharing your questions, struggles, victories, and knowledge each week, and possibly walking or cooking together

  • MEASURE & CELEBRATE PROGRESS:  each week you’ll document & report on your progress, celebrate victories, and get support for adjusting your goals & actions


Section 1: LOSE WEIGHT & Improve Digestion

(4 Week Series: 1/13 - 2/3)

Section 2: IMPROVE HEART HEALTH & Sexual Vitality

(4 Week Series: 2/10 - 3/3)

Section 3: IMPROVE STRESS & MOOD (Depression, Anxiety & Alzheimers)

(4 Week Series: 3/10 - 3/31)

Section 4: REDUCE INFLAMMATION, Allergies, & Chronic Pain

(4 Week Series: 4/7- 4/28)

Each section includes four classes taught by different kinds of experts and designed to give you an integrated, holistic approach to creating healthy habits related to the goals of that section.  The four specialized classes offered in each section include:

  • 1st Week NUTRITION: what to eat & avoid based on your goals & constitution

  • 2nd Week COOKING: how to cook highly nutritious, delicious foods you’ll enjoy,

  • 3rd Week HERBALISM:  how to use traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, & Western medicinal herbs to get faster, deeper results

  • 4th Week YOGA/QIGONG:  yoga & QiGong exercise routines that are gentle, simple, and designed to address your specific challenges & abilities.

We encourage you to take all four sections (16 weeks), because the information and skills build on one another, and get reinforced over a long enough period of time that you’ll be able to make changes and get real support from a variety of experts for actually sustaining those changes.  Of course you can drop-in for just one section or particular classes (see the detailed schedule below), but you’ll need to complete at least one full section to get help assessing your baseline, setting goals, tracking & celebrating progress, and developing a team of professionals and peers to provide you with on-going support outside of class.


Nutrition Instructors

* Paula Jahn, MS, RD, LD, is a registered dietitian and co-owner of Nourish Northwest. She believes the foundation of optimal health is taking pleasure in good food.

* Kathleen Clarke, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in food issues

* Lisa Marie White, RN, LMT, a Registered Nurse who specialed in eating disorders and who has worked extensively with clients looking for holistic solutions to chronic illness

Chefs & Cooking Instructors

* Joan Miller, Chef, Nutritional Educator & Author of 3 Cookbooks on Eating Well

* RJ Dannemiller, Raw Food & Plant-Based Chef


* Max Floyd, Chief Herbalist & Permaculture Consultant at Rose City Permaculture

* Jeff Johnson, Chief Herbalist at Rising Stone Farm

* Hanna Jordan, Co-Director and Senior Instructor at the School of Traditional Western Herbalism, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Yoga & QiGong Instructors

* David Yager has been a Licensed Acupuncturist & Medical QiGong Instructor for seven years

* Bart Church has been teaching Thereapeutic Yoga to people with chronic illness & pain for more than 20 years


Classes are 2 hours because they are taught by several inter-disciplinary wellness professionals who allow plenty of time for questions, real dialog, and support for your concrete next steps.  We offer big savings to students who buy class passes and thereby come more regularly and get much better results:

  • $15/class if Buy 10-class Pass ($150; SAVE $100)

  • $17/class if Buy 5-class Pass ($85; SAVE $40)

  • $20/class Single Class If Pre-Pay Online (SAVE $5)

  • $25/class Drop-In if Pay at the Door

  • +$10/class Food Fee for Cooking Classes (1/20, 2/17, 3/17, 4/14)


Besides saving you money, the Class Pass helps assure you’ll participate regularly and get the benefits of regular support & accountability

DETAILED Course Schedule

SECTION 1:  Lose Weight, Improve Digestion (4 week Series)

* Week 1 (1/13): Nutrition for Losing Weight & Improving Digestion

* Week 2 (1/20): Cooking: Weight Loss Practical Recipes;

Instructor: Joan Miller

* Week 3 (1/27): Herbal Strategies for Weight Loss & Digestive Health

* Week 4 (2/3): Yoga & QiGong for Losing Weight & Strengthening Digestion

SECTION 2: Improve Heart Health & Sexual Vitality (4 Week Series)

* Week 5 (2/10) Nutrition:  Improving Heart Health & Sexual Vitality

* Week 6 (2/17): Cooking: Practical Recipes for Heart Health & Sexual Vitality;

Instructor: Joan Miller

* Week 7 (2/24): Herbalism for Sexual Vitality & Heart Health

* Week 8 (3/3) Yoga & QiGong for Heart Health & Sexual Vitality

SECTION 3: Heal Depression & Anxiety (4 Week Series)

* Week 9 (3/10) Nutrition:  Healing Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Alzheimers

* Week 10 (3/17) Cooking for Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Alzheimers

* Week 11 (3/24): Herbalism for Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Alzheimers

* Week 12 (3/31) Yoga & QiGong for Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Alzheimers

SECTION 4: Manage Inflammation, Allergies, & Chronic Pain (4 Week Series)

* Week 13 (4/7): Nutrition for Inflammation, Allergies & Chronic Pain

* Week 14 (4/14): Cooking for Inflammation, Allergies & Chronic Pain

* Week 15 (4/21): Herbalism for Inflammation, Allergies & Chronic Pain

* Week 16 (4/28 Yoga & QiGong for Allergies, Inflammation & Chronic Pain

RSVP/INFO:  Call Bart at 503-223-8822 x1

Additional Information
PARKING: Please park on Wygant (1/2 block south of the studio) rather than on Alberta or 22nd Ave, both of which are much more crowded.

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7:00pm to 9:00pm
Doors open at 7:00pm

Drop-In (Pay Online $20): $20.00
Drop-In (Pay at Door $25): $0.00
5-Class Pass ($17/class): $85.00
10-Class Pass ($15/class): $150.00


Integrated Healing<br> 4906 NE 22nd Ave<br> Portland, 97211

503-223-8822 x1

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