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Ending the Addictions Cycle Premiere
Presented By Be in Health
Saturday, June 24th at 9:00am EST
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Addictions are a growing problem in the church as well as outside of it. Addictions aren’t just related to things like alcohol or illegal drugs; addictions are anything which control and rule us. They are anything that we use to continually attempt to soothe or comfort ourselves rather than resolve the source of pain. From illegal drugs, to shopping, to digital technology—addictions can be anything that we cannot stop as an act of our own will. They are things that we turn to instead of God to try to disassociate from the real problem. Addictions affect entire families, drain bank accounts, and are a result of not feeling loved and accepted.


Dr. Henry W. Wright had incredible insights into additions with solutions for freedom found in the Bible. In 2018, he presented a five-hour conference called Ending the Addictions Cycle. He understood what are the spiritual root causes that might drive a person into addictions, and helped people make God their source once again so that they could thrive in freedom and restoration. With God’s help, you can walk out of bondage to addictions and into freedom in your spirit, soul, and body!


Join us on Saturday, June 24 at 9:00 AM EST for an online premiere of Ending the Addictions Cycle by Dr. Henry W. Wright. This is a free conference and open to anyone. In this five-hour conference, he will present the physiology, psychology, and spirituality behind all addictions—and give solutions to end the terrible cycle.


About the Host: 

Be in Health is the ministry branch of Hope of the Generations Church in Thomaston, GA. We seek to help you understand the connection between your broken relationships and disease. We have seen thousands of testimonies of physical healing from all kinds of diseases, as well as freedom from mental health issues as God has worked with people through our ministry. We work with you to strengthen your relationships with God, yourself, and others which produces hope and health.

Our mission is to establish generations of overcomers. Our desire is to reach as many people as possible, establishing them with Biblical truth and give them tools that are necessary to be overcomers and to thrive in their daily lives. Through personal experience and observation, we have seen how the truth continues to make people free—no matter what their background, experience, childhood, or culture.


We have insight into cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, learning disabilities, autoimmune disease, allergies, divorce, traumas, rejection, hopelessness, and much more.


We offer life-changing, intensive healing retreats, including the For My Life Retreat, the Walk Out Workshop, and For My Life Expanded. Click here to find out more about what Be in Health has to offer: https://www.beinhealth.com/

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