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Discover how to view Instagram Stories thanks to this location map and thus be able to explore chronologically.

How to find an image similar to another image

Instagram Stories have a growing role in the social network community. Many use it to highlight a specific moment to keep it alive, at least for 24 hours.

However, once Stories are gone from your profile, it's not the end of the world. You can still access it and view it chronologically, by a specific date, or better yet, locate it on a map to share it again on your profile or with your friends and family.

How to view instagram stories online on a map

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Do you want to know how to see all your Instagram Stories on a map? Then join us and discover how easy it is just by following a few simple steps.

Instagram Stories: How to locate them?

Let's remember that Instagram Stories are publications that have the peculiarity of having an "expiration," that is, after 24 hours on your profile; they disappear from it. At least to be shown to your followers, they will continue to be saved in your account, where we will show you how to locate them.

The highlight of this type of publication and what has made it so popular among users of the social network is the ease of use and scope that they have, not to mention the creative freedom that they offer.

So you can locate the Instagram Stories.

Despite its great popularity, there are many people who still do not know how to locate their old Stories and want, in a certain way, to recover them or remember them whenever they want. Therefore, we will show you below how you can do it.

So you can see your Instagram Stories on a step-by-step map.

If you want to see your Stories after 24 hours of their publication, then you cannot stop following these simple steps that we are going to show you:

  • Enter the Instagram app from your Android or iPhone mobile.

  • Next, go to the "Profile" tab by simply clicking on your profile picture.

Follow these steps to see your Instagram Stories on a map

  • Now, in the three horizontal bar menu, locate the "File" option. Pull down the menu and select "Story Archive."

Go to the "File > Story Archives."

Next, you will be able to visualize all the Stories that you have published, and you will be able to see them in three ways:

  • In chronological order. It is the first section whose icon has a circular shape. It will sort them from most recent to last.

  • By dates. This section shows you a calendar view with all your Stories by publication date. By clicking on any date, Instagram will show you all the dates that have been published that day.

  • By location. This is the tab that will show you all of your published Stories based on the location associated with them at the time of publication. If you make a gesture in the form of a pinch on the screen, you can zoom in or out of the map, being able to view more Stories if you have them in different locations.

See the location of your Instagram Stories in three different ways

It is important to mention that the Stories that will appear on this map will be those that have the location tag since Instagram does not use the data found in the image file. That is, if you do not apply the location tag to your post, you will not be able to see it on the map, although you will be able to see it in the other sections above.

If there are any of these stories that you want to highlight again, simply:

  • Touch it on the map to display it full screen.

  • Then, tap on the "Feature" option with a heart-shaped symbol at the bottom right of your screen.

  • Next, put the name of the location or the one you want it to have as a title.

  • Done, these Stories will appear in the highlights section of your profile.

This is the easiest way to highlight Instagram Stories

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Now that you know how to see all your Instagram Stories on a map, it's time to relive those moments and highlight them on your profile to share them with all your followers very easily and quickly. We invite you to try this functionality if you have not already done so.


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