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WhatsApp GB 2021: how you will see new security notifications
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Monday, April 12th at 12:00pm CST
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After the avalanche of criticism about WhatsApp GB for its intention to share information about its users with companies, Facebook backtracked and set May 15 as the deadline to accept WhatsApp's new privacy policy. Now, the largest instant messaging service in the world will once again try to convince users to accept these changes without unleashing a public relations crisis and a migration of users to platforms such as Telegram.

WhatsApp makes your life easier with blocked contacts

"We were reflecting on how we could have better communicated this information," says WhatsApp in a statement . "We will post a banner on WhatsApp GB with more information that people can read at their own pace," explains the company.

The banner , a kind of window that is superimposed on the other elements of the application, will lead to information cards that summarize what changes with the new WhatsApp GB privacy policy. With this information, which is also presented in the Status section, Facebook will see if its users agree to share their chats with companies for advertising purposes.

A screenshot of the states with which WhatsApp informs about the privacy policy that must be accepted in May 2021

WhatsApp's first attempt to modify its privacy policy generated a public relations crisis that questioned Facebook's use of user data for advertising purposes. Facebook defended - and continues to do so - that WhatsApp GB offers end-to-end encryption, so that no one can read messages between users, however, many analysts argue that Facebook has so much information about users that reading their chats is not necessary.

In this second attempt, Facebook also argues that its new policy allows WhatsApp GB to be maintained as a free service. “We think it's important for people to know why WhatsApp GB might be free. Every day millions of people choose to communicate with companies on WhatsApp GB because it is easier than calling them on the phone or exchanging messages by email. We charge companies (not users) for using WhatsApp to provide that customer service. "

Facebook finishes off your message with a powerful statement. It maintains that users will sacrifice their privacy in exchange for first-rate service. “Other applications claim that they are better because they collect less information than WhatsApp. However, we believe that people look for applications that are both reliable and secure, even when it is necessary for WhatsApp to have access to certain limited information. "

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